When preparing employees to travel for work within housing, clear policies and procedures are essential. For employers, this means putting measures in place to fulfil their legal obligations and, more importantly, to safeguard their workforce.

Tunstall Healthcare, considers how technology can be deployed to make all housing solutions work for older people.

The upcoming reforms present an opportunity to empower procurement, drive greater value for businesses, and foster positive social and environmental change. So, what can we anticipate from the impending changes to public procurement?

Stress is something that happens to all of us but can have a detrimental impact on both mental and physical wellbeing. As April is stress awareness month, Peoplesafe discuss how you can manage stress in the workplace.

When overseeing members of staff, it’s important that each and every employee’s safety is treated as a top priority. Here’s a few factors to consider from PfH Lone Worker supplier, Peoplesafe.

Personal safety for frontline housing staff should be a priority as these employees continue to play a vital role within society; however, working between locations during the winter months poses a new set of risks that must be considered.

IoT technology has the power to revolutionise not just industries, but day-to-day lives. For housing, the Internet of Things is a gateway of possibility.

Balancing environmental diligence with high standards of cleaning and hygiene can be a difficult challenge for cleaning teams, yet becoming more sustainable has some surprising business benefits.

Tunstall Healthcare discusses how care providers can use technology to safeguard services for the future and improve the quality of life of service users.

Technology continues to advance at pace, which as well as offering incredible benefits, of course also provides some challenges. As the UK also moves towards a fully digital communication network, providers have many aspects to consider when looking to upgrade telecare systems.