The social housing sector is on the cusp of significant regulatory changes that promise to reshape the landscape for landlords and regulatory bodies alike. This blog post delves into the key aspects of these changes and offers actionable insights for compliance and preparation.

The term “commercial” isn’t new, yet with the coming changes from the Procurement Act, it’s resurfacing, necessitating a reminder that procurement and commerciality are distinct concepts.

When preparing employees to travel for work within housing, clear policies and procedures are essential. For employers, this means putting measures in place to fulfil their legal obligations and, more importantly, to safeguard their workforce.

The upcoming reforms present an opportunity to empower procurement, drive greater value for businesses, and foster positive social and environmental change. So, what can we anticipate from the impending changes to public procurement?

It is clear that more needs to be done to protect people from fuel poverty. Improving the energy efficiency of homes is crucial to tackling this.

Personal safety for frontline housing staff should be a priority as these employees continue to play a vital role within society; however, working between locations during the winter months poses a new set of risks that must be considered.