Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

Unlock local business growth

The PfH Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) solutions offer a fresh new approach that provides business benefits for everyone and fits seamlessly into local industrial strategies around employment opportunities and social value.

On-board new suppliers at any time

We’ve done the hard work already having established the DPS in full compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 and evaluating and selecting initial suppliers. With a compliant procurement solution already in place, all it could take is 10-15 days to award a contract.

End to end contract support

The support you’ll get doesn’t end once a contract has been awarded. We’ll ensure risks are mitigated with centralised due diligence checks at the set up stage and drive contract performance through effective supplier management support.

Take control of spend

As an additional option our Valueworks platform fits effortlessly alongside this DPS providing a collaborative spend solution that enables your asset team to gain control, insight and improve business performance.


with a competitive pool of suppliers


award a contract in as little as 20 days


with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015

Due diligence

supplier checks at the set up stage


to use your pricing and contract terms


enable new innovative suppliers to join at any time

How can suppliers apply?

For more information on how a Dynamic Purchasing System differs from a framework and how suppliers can apply, please click on the images below.

For more information on our DPS offerings, download the following:

Procurement for Housing

Procurement for Housing

Find out how you can save money through our procurement services:

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