Managing large and often dispersed workforces in the housing sector is akin to navigating a complex maze – Enter talent bank technologies: tools designed to streamlined operations, reduce expenses, and enhance staff engagement.

Falls are the largest cause of emergency hospital admissions for older people with 70,000-75,000 people fracturing their hip as a result of falls in the UK each year, leading to medical costs of over £2 billion.

With 17.1% (4.2 million) of the population living in the social rented sector, it’s crucial that housing providers understand how to provide the right care for their tenants.

Tunstall Healthcare discuss why educating housing professionals about the benefits and appropriate use of technology is crucial if we are to improve service provision, and how we can improve training and development to better equip housing providers and professionals.

Gary Steen, chief technology officer at Tunstall Healthcare, shares his insight into how technology can shape the future of our health, housing and social care services.

IoT technology has the power to revolutionise not just industries, but day-to-day lives. For housing, the Internet of Things is a gateway of possibility.