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Washing away cash or drip fed investment?

What is it about sprinkler systems that screams expense? Is it the huge expanse of pipework running through the building? Is it the thought of further plant and change to existing infrastructure or of water winding its way around your building waiting to pounce and flood your tenants? We know that these systems WILL save lives in the event of fire. Something that became all too evident in 2017


Five utility challenges affecting your organisation

In the current climate, many organisations are looking to control costs where they can, while also making progress towards a more sustainable future. But when energy isn’t your speciality, it can be incredibly difficult to stay on top of it all – that’s where we can help. We’ve put together an overview of the five […]

NHF-supported Building Better alliance appoints PfH to establish offsite construction procurement framework

Building Better, the National Housing Federation-supported alliance of housing associations working to develop offsite solutions for the social housing sector, has selected Procurement for Housing to develop a procurement framework for offsite manufacturing with the aim of building a minimum of 500 homes.   Building Better was set up through the National Housing Federation’s Greenhouse […]