Vacant Property Specialists (VPS)

VPS are the trusted specialists in securing, maintaining and managing vacant properties across a wide range of customer and industry sectors the world over.

VPS prides itself on serving our customers quickly and efficiently, and as soon a property becomes unoccupied.  Our extensive range of innovative solutions provide customers with the peace of mind that vacant property is safe and secure, and most importantly, retaining its value.  Our proven expertise is relied on by our customers to reduce the true cost of vacancy and minimise the potential effects of vacancy in surrounding communities.

Core services cover the complete property lifecycle from an initial risk assessment, to security, monitoring, clearing, cleaning, maintenance and preparation.

  • Assess – VPS offer a free risk assessment to help decide what you need to do.
  • Clear – We have a range of services to help you clear voids and vacant property.
  • Secure – VPS can secure your vacant property usually within hours of your request.
  • Monitor & Guard – We have a range of security solutions to monitor and guard your property, including wireless self powered alarm systems.
  • Maintain – VPS can keep your property clean, clear and safe. Our regular Inspection Services ensure this remains the case.
  • Prepare – VPS can help prepare your property for reoccupation so that you can reoccupy or sell as soon as possible.

These services protect properties against unauthorised access and a variety of hazards such as arson, theft, squatting and unauthorised occupation.  Additional services include cleaning, clearing and removing hazards from properties, disconnection of services, essential maintenance and on-going inspections.

Our extensive range of vacant property management services provides clients with the peace of mind that their empty property is safe and secure, whilst also providing an integrated void management service to support our clients in minimising the vacancy period, or ‘key to key’ time, thus helping them maximise their rental income.

By consistently delivering innovative and immediate solutions we are able to reduce the costs associated with vacant properties. Through our in-house innovations centre, VPS are able to quickly drive new products to market, based on direct client feedback. This means that we can use our unsurpassed experience to deliver a market leading service to our public sector and social housing clients, whether it is for a long term regeneration programme, the management of day to day voids, or ad-hoc projects.

VPS as a business are committed to best value, quality and innovation and have invested heavily in new technology to help streamline our job management and scheduling system, VPS Workforce IQ App is a revolutionary new system which helps ensure a consistently high quality approach across all the work we carry out.  Not just does this system act as a dynamic project management tool but it also feeds all the information through to the VPS Navigator, our secure online customer portal. This enables our customers to see real time data and provides full transparency of works completed and security installed at each property.

At VPS we have a set of values that guide us to delivering the best service possible for our clients.  Our values are:


We will be professional in everything we do


We will respond quickly and with passion


We will respect those around us

We also take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, As an international group, we recognise the business contribution that behaving in an ethical manner has on the triple bottom line – for our stakeholders, our continued business success and the world in which we live. That’s why our values are based around being professional, dynamic and respectful in everything we do and therefore, embrace the spirit of corporate social responsibility.

In terms of our products and services, our rented security systems are reusable, sustainable and environmentally friendly and we are experienced in clearing and disposing of hazardous waste. In the UK; our vehicles are fitted with specialist tracking equipment so our drivers can plot the most efficient routes and drive at speeds to optimise fuel efficiency. We also encourage recycling, so our offices and Service Centres are equipped with dedicated recycling rubbish bins.

We are committed to delivering value added services and understand the direct and indirect opportunities we have of influencing and creating social value through the work we do. We are particularly keen on helping unemployed people in the communities we work,  we always recruit locally where possible,  and help to improve these local residents life chances of finding employment through our work experience programmes. In addition we invest time in helping out with local charity initiatives and also support these local charities through the donation of furniture and other reusable items.

If you would like to find out more information on our Voids Property Management Services framework, please click here.