As a contractor specialising in the repair and refurbishment of occupied housing, we deliver all the services required to deal with empty properties in those same communities. This important distinction, whereby we apply our award winning methodology from occupied properties to void properties, means that the neighbours and communities that surround the properties we work on enjoy the same first class care and consideration from us that they would as a neighbour of a tenanted property.

In the course of any given year, Mi-space refurbish over 1,000 empty properties across its client portfolio in the South West of England, The Midlands and South Wales. The homes are refurbished to the client’s exact specification with exceptionally high standards in terms of timescale and defect-free return status. In addition to this, on completion of each property, the employer receives all the required certification and documentation to assure the property owner that their refurbished asset is fit for re-occupation. Mi-space fully understands the urgency of housing need throughout the UK, and the subsequent need to ensure that vacant homes are returned in excellent condition to families in need of housing in the shortest possible time.

Wherever possible, Mi-space takes advantage of its large scale Voids contract to create training and apprenticeship opportunities as works in Void properties provide the ideal environment for young tradespeople and operatives learning new skills to test themselves in a live environment under the close supervision of a qualified and experienced mentor.

The breadth of skills and service required to deliver a high quality Voids service in any notable scale to a social housing provider enables us to incorporate high quality social value offerings over and above new job, training and apprenticeship opportunities.  With operatives, supply chain and specialist sub-contractors present that can address and deal with all aspects of construction, we commonly find ourselves delivering important social enhancement projects in partnership with our client that leaves a long and positive legacy in the communities in which we operate. This aspect of our service is also helpful in addressing the variable volume nature of voids contracts through the course of a project.

Mi-space prides itself on its ability to deliver a voids service in to communities in partnership with social housing providers and looks forward to working with clients through the Procurement for Housing Voids framework.

For more information on our Void Property Management Services framework, please click here.