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The benefits of vehicle tracking and telematics for local councils and housing associations are endless. Whilst reducing mileage and carbon emissions remain key cost-cutting advantages, a richer insight into a team’s routes and behaviour unlocks opportunities to radically improve service delivery.

Armed with GPS live tracking, speed and idling reports, driving style analysis and driver timesheets, you can easily identify your best drivers and manage your team’s workload more effectively.

Driving efficiency in your terms

The ability to optimise routes is a primary focus for housing associations and councils. With our live tracking display and route reporting, managers can access automatic tracking logs to see a clear picture of where efficiencies can be made to their front-line services.

Actionable insights

Easily analyse your team’s driving behaviour, using Safe Speed scores together with braking and acceleration data. With these tools, you can successfully coach individuals to improve safety and reduce fuel consumption, leading to reduced risk and huge savings.

  • Cut costs through better mileage management and route planning
  • Enhance customer service and responsiveness with live tracking
  • Improve road safety and reduce risk through driver education
  • Reduce fuel consumption by assessing driver behaviour
  • Support a green agenda by reducing carbon emissions

Swift and quantifiable savings

Organisations using Quartix vehicle tracking typically see the following quantifiable benefits:

  • 24% reduction in fuel consumption
  • 15% increase in overall productivity
  • 15% reduction in employee overtime
  • 20% increase in vehicle utilisation
  • 10% decrease in total miles driven

A trusted name in vehicle tracking

The Quartix vehicle tracking system has been installed in over 350,000 vans, cars, HGVs and coaches and is helping more than 10,000 customers save on fuel and improve services every day. Our Public Sector customers include: Cartrefi Conwy, Worcester City Council and Guildford Borough Council.

“The Quartix system enables delivery of cost-effective fleet operations, allowing us to stay within budget and thereby provide best value for the borough’s tax payers. It also helps us to remain one of the few councils to retain waste services ‘in-house’.”

As a Van Excellence partner, we are recognised for our effective contribution to improving operational standards in the UK. Quartix received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in recognition of our Safe Speed Database. This is compiled from over 30 million data points and then matched against more than 2 million sections of the UK road network each day. The intuitive Quartix dashboard uses this data to display Driver Style League Tables and safe speed scores, helping organisations improve the safety of their teams and the road users around them.

The right solution for you:

Quartix offers several different installation options for your vehicles, including the flexible Plug & Track self-install option, and tiered plans to suit your operational service needs.

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