The 7 Surprising Benefits of Adopting More Sustainable Cleaning Regimes

By Arrow County Supplies

Balancing environmental diligence with high standards of cleaning and hygiene can be a difficult challenge for cleaning teams. Post-pandemic, the need for harsher disinfectants, increased use of chemicals and extended cleaning times mean this has never been a bigger challenge – yet becoming more sustainable has some surprising business benefits:

  1. Reduce risks in health and safety.

Risk prevention and assessment remains a significant workload on a business’ manpower and time resource. Utilising environmentally friendly cleaning products can significantly reduce the risk of handling, transporting, storing, and using cleaning products, helping keep your staff safe as they work.

  1. Cleaning power won’t be sacrificed.

Another primary concern about adopting a sustainable cleaning regime is that the products themselves will be less effective than conventional cleaning products. Modern sustainable cleaning products are developed with specialised developers and chemists to ensure every product meets or exceeds the stringent hygiene and cleanliness requirements of every industry – and have the accreditations to prove it.

  1. You won’t have to spend more money

The prospect of spending more on sustainable cleaning products can be an unattractive option. Organisations and businesses are constantly (and understandably) striving to keep costs low, and want to choose a range of products which are financially viable for their budget.

A common misconception surrounding sustainable cleaning regimes is that they cost more than conventional cleaning products – but as more and more sustainable cleaning product ranges have emerged, manufacturers have been able to drive costs down, making going sustainable an ecologically and economically sound choice.

  1. Cut or eliminate hazardous waste production

By avoiding the use of harmful chemicals in your cleaning products, you can significantly reduce, if not eliminate, the output of toxic and hazardous waste products generated, reducing the cost of removing hazardous waste products safely.

  1. Improve the health of your staff and clients

The Health and Safety Executive has warned of the risk of conventional cleaning in triggering illness including dermatitis, headaches and dizziness simply from inhalation, so switching to eco-friendly cleaning regimes is a great way of helping to keep your cleaning workforce and any visitors protected.

After all, there’s not much point in investing in an excellent range of cleaning products without a satisfied and capable workforce to use them!

  1. It’s in the name…

Eco-friendly cleaning products reduce the ever-growing global burden of climate change, and greenhouse gas production. When you care for the environment, your cleaning and hygiene practices can make a real contribution to preserving and protecting our natural flora and fauna for future generations.

By investing in ecologically sustainable cleaning products, your organisation can help to prevent water pollution, air pollution and depletion of the ozone layer – giving you and your employees an extra reason to sleep well at night!

  1. Enhance your reputation and impress your clients

People will inevitable come into contact with your cleaning services at some point or another, especially in shared homes, public buildings and spaces. Switching to cleaning products which are ecologically sustainable demonstrates to visitors the pride your organisation takes in its image, and reinforce your commitment to effective, sustainable facilities management.

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