Step Ahead

Recruitment and Apprenticeship Specialists

Working on your behalf to deliver well trained people of the right calibre, with the right attitude, ready to work.

Training Delivers the Best Outcome for You

Training candidates before or during their employment with you provides your organisation with skilled and motivated staff, well-prepared for a variety of roles.

Step Ahead identifies motivated and capable candidates and coaches them through one of our highly successful induction courses to develop their skills for specific roles.

It’s a very productive way to fulfil CSR objectives and roles can take the form of apprenticeships if appropriate.

Your candidates are interviewed and, where needed, their key skills are updated through a tailored course geared to the specific roles you have on offer. Work trials are then completed to ensure they’re suitable for your positions.

Recruitment – Temporary and Permanent

Recruitment is not ‘a numbers game’. Professional recruiters will match the right person with the right opportunity not just fire CV’s at you. With respect, you’re not a recruitment professional, so why just give you CV’s to look at?

The way our teams are structured and trained means you get recruiters who take the time to fully understand your needs and those of the people they place into jobs, which means happy and fulfilled staff. Combine that with operational effectiveness and you can see why we have long term clients, long term flexible workers and a high number of referrals.

Apprenticeships and Apprentices that are Right for Your Organisation

As a licenced Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) Step Ahead is the apprentice’s employer. The apprentice is placed with you, as their host employer, to work and learn in your organisation.

This system means that any risk, all the formalities and the administration of the recruitment and employment of your apprentice sits with us.

It’s a very popular option for organisations who would like the benefits of an apprentice in their organisation for a 12 month period, or perhaps more, but who don’t want to commit to giving them a permanent position from the outset.

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