Established in 2012, Social Telecoms has grown to become a beacon of excellence in telecommunications and digital inclusion solutions. Rooted in our commitment to the UK social housing sector, we have consistently innovated to bridge the digital divide and foster seamless communications for housing providers and their residents.

Our Journey

From our humble beginnings, our vision was clear – to empower and connect communities. Over the years, we’ve partnered with leading names like 8×8, RingCentral, Vonage, and NFon, ensuring that we offer only the best to the housing sector.  But our attention wasn’t only on the telecoms and data services our customers needed to run themselves, we’ve been developing and selling digital inclusion services since day one.

Our customers are social housing providers and local authorities, so it made sense to broaden the range of services to include those our customers need to meet their own social obligations.  So as a registered social enterprise and Community Interest Company, we launched Community WiFi as a social value option.

Our dedication and expertise have not only brought us recognition but have also cemented our place as the no.1 ranked provider on five lots of the PfH telecommunications framework agreement.

Why Choose Us

Our exclusivity to the UK social housing sector gives us a unique edge – we understand the intricacies, challenges, and aspirations of housing providers and their residents. This focused approach allows us to:

  1. Tailored Solutions: Every housing community is different. We customize our solutions, ensuring they resonate with specific needs and challenges.
  2. Stay Ahead of Trends: Being specialists, we’re always on top of the latest in telecommunications and digital strategies, ensuring our partners benefit from the newest innovations.
  3. Build Relationships: For us, it’s not just about business. We build lasting relationships with housing providers, working as an extension of their team.
  4. Deliver Excellence: Our no.1 ranking on the PfH framework is a testament to our commitment to quality and unparalleled service.

Our Services

Customer Experience and Engagement

Building stronger, more meaningful relationships with your residents is paramount. Our cutting-edge Customer Engagement solutions ensure seamless interactions, driving satisfaction and fostering trust. Elevate your residents’ experience by connecting with them in a way that’s both personal and efficient.

Unified. Seamless. Everywhere. Elevate engagement; transcend touchpoints.
Omnichannel: Modern communication’s pinnacle of perfection.

Unified Comms

Streamline your communication systems for effortless interactions. With our Unified Comms solutions, housing providers can benefit from an integrated approach to communication, bringing together voice, messaging, video, and more under a single umbrella. Simplify communication, enhance collaboration, and ensure you’re always reachable.

Cloud Connectivity

Step into the future of connectivity. Our Cloud Connectivity solutions offer robust, secure, and scalable connections tailored to your specific needs. By leveraging the power of the cloud, housing providers can ensure constant, reliable access to critical data and services, enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring smooth digital experiences.

Digital Inclusion Solutions

Bridging the digital divide is more critical than ever. Our Digital Inclusion solutions empower residents, providing them with the tools and access they need to thrive in the digital age. From online education platforms to job portals, ensure every resident has the opportunity to benefit from the digital revolution.

Community WiFi

Connectivity is at the heart of community. Our Community WiFi solutions provide seamless, high-speed internet access for sheltered schemes, apartment blocks, and high-rise flats. With easy installation and robust support, we ensure every resident stays connected, fostering a sense of unity and digital inclusivity.

If you would like to know more about our Telecommunications framework, please click here.