Founded in the UK, our pest control business has over 85 years of experience in delivering expert and professional pest control services and always seeks to ensure the quality of service delivered to our customers, far exceeds their expectations.  A national company, with local support, we have teams of pest control technicians across the UK.

All our local technicians are BPCA (British Pest Control Association) certified. Our technicians are able to recognise the signs of most common rodent to the rarest insect, they are trained to recognise the signs of pest infestation and resolve pest problems fast and effectively.  Our local pest control teams are supported by a wide-range of specialists including field biologists, entomologists, offshore marine and bird consultants.

We lead the way in developing innovative, environmentally sensitive solutions for the detection, prevention and elimination of troublesome pests including:

• Flying Insects – wasps, flies, textile moths, hornets

• Crawling Insects – ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas

• Rodents – rats and mice

• Birds – pigeons and gulls

With the largest team of Pest Control Technicians across the UK, wherever and whenever you encounter a pest problem, there will always be a technician close by who can respond. Rentokil has become the country’s leading residential and commercial pest control service, working in partnership with our customers to develop tailored treatments and solutions, to effectively resolve their individual pest control needs.

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