PHC Parts

PHC are an established, specialist supplier of parts for domestic and commercial heating, plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration systems. We also distribute a wide range of biomass and renewable products, including wood and multi-fuel stoves.

With customers ranging from sole traders to multi-national utilities providers and including many local authorities, housing associations and ALMO’s, we are familiar with the challenges faced by social housing providers, and as a result, have moulded our service delivery mechanisms to ensure our customers are provided with the facilities to meet these requirements.

Customers tell us that the key differentiators between us and our competitors are:

  • Our specialisation
  • Our high quality of service and value for money
  • Our commitment to excellent product availability
  • The professional attitude and comprehensive knowledge of our staff

We pride ourselves on having the right part in stock at the right time. Our customers endorse our reputation in the industry for managing comprehensive stock levels, both in terms of volume and variety, and for having the ability to accurately pre-empt and forecast their individual materials requirements.

Our specialist subject is heating spare parts. It’s what we live, breathe, sleep and know inside out. Many of our staff will (sheepishly) admit that they are ‘spares nerds’, and can reel-off part numbers for boiler spares off the top of their heads. But being geeky about gas spares is good for our customers – it enables us to translate the information in engineers’ heads into repaired heating systems for tenants, because we know what they’re thinking, and what the fix is.

With a range of bespoke services designed exclusively for social housing providers, we are confident that PHC can help to increase the number of first-time fixes, improve tenant satisfaction levels, and deliver VFM across a wide range of heating maintenance products.

Website: www.phc.parts

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