Moores Furniture Group

Moores, established in 1947, is one of the UK’s leading kitchen, bedroom and bathroom (KBB) furniture manufacturers with a 25 acres site and 600,000 square feet factory in Wetherby. With a heritage of over 70 years, Moores has built up a reputation for excellent craftsmanship and prides itself in best in class in terms of quality products, exceptional customer service and a strong sustainability strategy. Moores designs and manufactures its kitchens and bathrooms in close collaboration with housebuilders to develop optimum solutions for high rise, private developments and affordable housing.


An area of great importance to Moores is protecting the environment – both their own and the bigger picture. To this end, they’re constantly pushing the boundaries to ensure that, as part of their corporate social responsibility, we aim to make every home a Moores home – sustainably.


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