Lightfoot is a proven, insurance-backed technology that directly enhances bottom-line profitability whilst improving driver safety and brand reputation.


typical fuel savings

80% reduction in at-fault claims

(source: Dunsby Associates)

45% reduction in vehicle downtime

(source: CEF)

Tracking drivers and retrospectively analysing their performance is inefficient. Lightfoot turns telematics on its head, empowering drivers to correct their own poor driving in real-time and incentivising sustained behavioural changes.

By offering a rewards platform alongside in-cab training, Lightfoot ensures drivers are motivated to maintain their new, smoother driving style and get to share in the spoils of their hard work.

The technology itself is a small device, fixed to the vehicle dashboard and connected directly to the engine, that uses Formula 1-style analytics to inform drivers how to drive their vehicle at maximum efficiency.

Drivers no longer feel like they’ve got head office watching over their shoulder and are rewarded for driving well. Managers get an easier life with simple reports, a user-friendly management portal, and emails detailing driver scores and performance.

The result?

Happier drivers, happier managers, and fleets that run smoothly and safely.



  • Rapid and measurable improvement in driving style that makes drivers safer
  • Changes sustained over time with ongoing in-cab engagement
  • Minimal management input required – Lightfoot delivers results, not lots of data
  • Additional packages include tracking and telematics, Vehicle Health Management, and Driver ID
  • Fuel and emissions savings of 10-20%
  • Claims value reduced by 60% – validated by Allianz Insurance Plc
  • Reduced wear and tear on vehicles – downtime reduced by 45% – Ian Thorn, CEF

Our Public Sector and Housing Association customers include Affinity Sutton, Central Beds Council, Grampian Housing, MHS Homes, Oxford City Council and Sovini.

In addition, Lightfoot works with and is endorsed by numerous industry partners, including Activa, Allianz, Aviva, Bott, FTA, Protector, QBE and RSA. Indeed, it’s possible that your insurer may be willing to part-fund the use of Lightfoot on your fleet.

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