GPS Document Management

GPS Document Management is at the forefront of printing and related services solutions amongst the Registered Social Landlords/Housing sector with over 12 years’ experience and over 60 clients. We are also one of the UK’s most established print management organisations having been in business since 1982.

GPS also provides one of the UK’s most innovative print and document management solutions. We have long recognised that efficient print procurement is simply one element of an organisation’s communication strategy. In response to this, GPS has built its service offering around supporting all communication channels and all of the activities that feed into the overall communications strategy. In doing so, we believe that we have developed one of the most comprehensive arrays of print and document management solutions available anywhere in UK for the Social Housing sector.

The range of services offered by our organisation is:

  • Printing services including the supply of secure digital, lithographic and security print
  • Design and artworking
  • Transactional mailing services, direct mail and postal optimisation
  • Hybrid Mail solutions
  • Document archive and retrieval
  • Multi-channel communications
  • Supply of promotional materials
  • Web based ordering
  • Secure warehousing and fulfilment

GPS already works almost exclusively providing print management and associated services to the social housing sector which means our Client Service Managers are very well experienced and used to the requirements and specific needs of RSL’s, especially with regard to legislative documents, software and timetables. In addition, they all have relevant experience to support the PfH framework agreement and deliver consultative advice, cost savings and excellent customer service.


As part of our solution, we can integrate the latest online ordering technology solution that allows us to provide an efficient, robust solution for our clients. We use an industry leading web-based and desktop technology tool; key features include estimating, stock control, instant artwork creation, print-2-mail, digital asset management, customisable interface and current system integration.

GPS has provided more than 150 online templates for RSL’s in the last 12 months to enable them to quickly, easily and very cost effectively order ‘template’ items including business cards, letterheads, compliment slips, posters, leaflet and flyers.

We therefore envisage users of the PfH agreement taking full advantage of this to order, call off and manage printed stock to deliver costs savings, eliminate wastage and provide process efficiencies.

Storage and Fulfillment

GPS provides a fully integrated turnkey solution, encompassing customer service and web-based order processing, stock management and allocation, to expedient order fulfilment and distribution.

We have 60,000 sq. ft. of warehousing with the necessary flexibility to manage the needs of up to 900 customers.

The call off and management of stock for future use is controlled by our online ordering system.  The system provides this using coded stock labels, location labels and picking instructions. This not only ensures 100% pick accuracy, but also provides a full audit trail of every stock receipt, movement or despatch.

This efficient and reliable stock management solution enables us to constantly review reorder levels, lead-times and forecasts to ensure that sufficient, but not excessive, stock is maintained at all times. It also enables us to evaluate stock and establish if a product needs replenishing because slow moving items often need replacing with print-on-demand.

We offer same day despatch of orders received up until 3pm as standard and can offer same day despatch up until 6pm.

Hybrid Mail

We provide the leading hybrid mail service of its kind in the UK amongst the social housing sector which manages the remote printing and fulfilment of external correspondence.

Users continue to use Windows applications and Housing Management Systems with which they are familiar, and route them to our high volume print and mail facilities where they are printed, enclosed and mailed. A simple interface for the user makes using the Hybrid Mail solution straightforward with no differences to sending local print except for significant time and cost savings. These savings are often in excess of 30% of the desktop generated document.

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