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Daisy Communications has helped social housing customers stay connected with the best in business telecoms for over a decade. As a result, we  have become experts in providing the latest high-quality products to support growth across the UK, from upgrading fleets of business mobiles to setting up a fixed line solution that suits specific needs. Daisy Communications is always prepared to provide a selection of future-proof solutions crafted for a modernising market.

Our vision is to make leading technologies available to businesses enabling them to be better every day, supported by knowledgeable people who really care. And it is our mission to connect the UK’s business communities with technologies that are focused on their specific need, providing specialist support to keep Britain working.

As an independent provider that works with all of the major telecommunication’s networks and suppliers, we are able to bring you the best deals on the market for straightforward solutions, including fibre broadband, mobile tariffs and phone systems. All supported by friendly, helpful people ready to help businesses with their communications needs, now and in the future.

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Daisy Communication’s industry-leading solutions:

Daisy Anywhere: A multi network mobile SIM that offers you IoT capabilities, and connects to the strongest network available – from anywhere.

Fixed Lines: Our Fibre lines and calls packages provide you with voice calls and internet access, that’s two mighty connections in one package.

Daisy Hosted Voice: transforms your traditional PBX phone system so you can make phone calls over the internet which results in better voice quality and smaller bills.

Business Cloud: Choose from Daisy’s select business plans to ensure seamless working from your work force both remotely and inside the office.

Words from the Housing Industry

“We have worked with Daisy for several years… We enjoy a strong working relationship and have been impressed with the high level of account management that has been maintained throughout. Response is fast, prices represent good value and have allowed us to realise significant savings, and customer service is exemplary. They are never intrusive, and have struck a great balance between giving us what we need, and advising us on new service offerings. Would not hesitate to recommend.”

Weaver Vale Housing Trust

“Daisy have helped the Group to more than halve the cost of the service, achieving a saving of £152,145 on a contract now worth £148,929. This has been achieved without changing Newlon’s usage or number of connections. In addition, Daisy helped Newlon to swiftly resolve a long-standing issue with our head office, which is a mobile phone signal dead spot, suggesting and implementing a successful solution. In contrast to problems in the past the changeover from one mobile phone provider to the brokered supplier was seamless.”

Newlon Housing

“Daisy Communications have a great customer focused team. We always have a prompt response from both the Customer service and account management team. The billing reports and account information have enabled Berneslai Homes to get a rating of “substantial assurance” in a recent independent audit in relation to the internal control of data and account management. We feel that Daisy provide the small friendly personal service with the backup of a global company.”

Berneslai Homes

Futureproof with Daisy Communications

We are entering a time of great digital transformation in the UK. The aging copper PSTN network that we have relied on since the 1800s is being retired and replaced with a faster, more efficient fibre network. Fibre is rolled out region by region and PSTN reliant systems will enter stop sell in September 2023, in preparation for a full termination  of the copper network in 2025.

In addition, mobile networks are also turning off their 3G networks. Vodafone will be shutting down the legacy network in 2023, with Three and EE following suit in 2024. This means devices reliant on 3G to function will need to be upgraded to stay online.

Now is the time to prepare and future-proof , and Daisy Communications can help you do just that.

Our spotlight product: Introducing Daisy Anywhere

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the future of housing associations and refers to any device that sends or receives data. A simple concept that will revolutionise maintenance, security and care in the housing sector. That is why Daisy Communications advocate Daisy Anywhere, a cellular data SIM card that allows you and your devices to stay connected wherever you are.

Daisy Anywhere Summarised:

  • Workers can set up a safe and stable network on a building site, monitor equipment and keep agents in the field connected regardless of if they are in urban or rural areas.
  • The SIMs can be installed into boilers, fridges and other utilities, to alert employees of any faults in an efficient and timely manner.
  • The SIM cards can be used to set up a fixed internet connection in areas that do not have a wired connection – perfect for those working on the go!

For more information on IoT and the other services provided specifically for the housing sector by Daisy Comms, please contact Daisy’s Senior Account Manager Ed Povall at ed.povall@daisycomms.co.uk.

Beyond providing excellent value, we also deliver great service. As a matter of fact we are rated 5 out of 5 on Trustpilot  And in a survey of our social housing customers we found the following:

  • 88% of our customers rated their Account Manager excellent or good
  • 88% of our customers said our customer service was excellent or good
  • 94% of our customers rated our handset ordering process as excellent or good

Meet the Team

The Social Housing team at Daisy Communications have a joint sixteen years working in public sector telecoms. As a result, they are experts in helping you through your business telecoms purchase process.

Get in contact on: 01282 608979

Ellis Johnson
Housing Account Manager – Desk Based

Ed Povall
Housing Account Manager – Field Based

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