Since 2013 we have helped organisations access £34 million of cost savings through external finance for energy saving upgrades and £2million of tenant savings and associated costs

Through partnership we reduce upfront costs by providing a range of innovative funding solutions. We help partners develop their energy asset management strategies, to reduce demand on capex and cut energy cost and carbon.

We understand and respond to the challenges of our clients…

  • Capex budget tight and new rent rules
  • We develop project proposals whilst co-locating with clients identify and secure funding through our contacts with specialist investment houses as well as the Big 6 Utility Companies
  • Tenant debt risk & affordability
  • We evaluate the impact of investments on tenants bills and can deploy a range of high impact solutions including low-cost upgrades such as shower smart and plant room upgrades through our Energy Solutions team.
  • Meeting new legislative requirements
  • Assisting with targets for achieving minimum SAP ratings and meeting the requirements of new heat network legislation.
  • High financial costs of running energy centres & new right to buy rules
  • Identifying opportunities for plant room upgrades and renewal, and attracting private investors to manage plant rooms where blocks become predominantly occupied by leaseholders
  • Making the right technology choices
  • Evaluating options through life-cycle cost analysis to help you make the correct investment decision.
  • Over 80 years of combined personal experience in energy efficiency
  • Our combination of skills and experience ensures that we are able to advise clients comprehensively and act as a trusted partner from initial review, project development, technical analysis and specification, procurement, financial project design, works management and carbon risk management.
  • Cenergist is a proven and capable team that developed the UK’s leading energy services business (Eaga plc acquired by Carillion April 2011). We are proud to have delivered first communal heating scheme under ECO and 5400 communal heating measures under ECO 2

Website: www.cenergist.com

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