Who are we? 

At Greenham, we provide sustainable and compliant solutions that help improve the wellbeing and safety of our customers, enabling them to focus on what they do best.

As you probably know, we are a part of the world’s largest safety equipment distributor. That means we have access to an unmatched range of products & solutions to meet any and every need you could think of.

Discover our Insight Hub

We have many solutions that can help you improve your business, make you more efficient, support employee wellbeing and much more. To find out how we can help you, we have put all our added value services in one easy-to-navigate location called the Insight Hub. Choose the topic that matches your needs best – each tailored to provide access to our online resources for essential, role-relevant information. Visit Greenham.com/Insight Hub today.

Give your business the online Advantage

We can offer you straightforward online ordering, putting the control in your hands. Advantage is a web and mobile portal where you can track your orders and get instant POD’s. This is also a great way for you to monitor your spend whilst staying compliant and gain access to Product Data sheets. We can also integrate our platform with your procurement current system.

What’s more, through sharing data insights, we can better understand and help you control your product consumption; increasing product availability and offering savings opportunities. By operating more efficiently, you can focus on your customers and spend less time worrying about your suppliers.

At a Service Centre near you

Our network of Service Centres across the UK mean that we are within easy reach of 90% of UK postcodes. We hold locally profiled stock at each location, with a fully stocked Trade Shop and flexible collection and delivery options available. One major part of the customer experience is ensuring that the right product is delivered to the right place at the right time. Our partnership with Verizon Connect and our own fleet of drivers allow us to create efficient route planning, constantly track deliveries and provide ‘real-time’ accurate delivery information.

Where you can find us: www.greenham.com/storelist

More than just a product supplier 

As well as products that keep you safe and compliant, we understand how vital employee wellbeing is to create a happy, healthy and productive workforce. That’s why we’ve partnered with expert suppliers to develop market-leading products and services, all designed to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Through our ‘Wellbeing Through Safety®’ initiative, we aim to work with customers to create bespoke employee solutions; ranging from tailored ear protection and FaceFit respiratory testing to prescription eyewear and musculoskeletal disorder-preventing corrective insoles using our technologically advanced FootStop feet and posture scanners.

Keeping you safe

We will guarantee that every product you purchase is compliant and the importance we place on quality cannot be understated; each of our products has been tested to meet the regulated standards that they are audited against. At our Quality and Product Assurance facility, based in Shanghai and at our UK QA Centre, our highly experienced EN ISO 9001:2015 fully accredited auditors will manage, supervise and approve our supply chain. This is achieved through the selection, approval, manufacturing and inspection processes associated with meeting each relevant European standard.

We also work in partnership with SATRA, who have comprehensive facilities for testing the physical, chemical, environmental and flammability properties of material and consumer products.

Here are just some of the standard groups we are working with:


Our Approach to Sustainability 

Our environmental strategy is multifaced. We measure our operational impact and track our improvements to reduce our carbon footprint. We also offer environmentally friendly products and services to our customers to assist them in reducing their environmental impacts.

One of the services available is our Carbon Offsetting scheme – because we know how many deliveries we make to our customers businesses, we know the impact of our customers’ orders on our CO² emissions. We want to work together to change ordering patterns and reduce emissions. Learn more about this service via our Insight Hub.

View our 2020 Sustainability Report: https://www.greenham.com/Sustainability

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