At PCI we understand that organisations like yours, operating in the social housing sector are facing many challenges as you have to  balance the need to think commercially about digital transformation projects whilst also acting in a socially responsible manner.

The HCA’s VfM standards mean that all spending on IT infrastructure, including telecoms, must show value for money as housing associations seek to embrace new ways of working.

The days of everyone working in the same building are gone. Multiple sites and remote working are commonplace in most industries so deploying a telecommunication platform that can serve different types of users is essential. Effective collaboration and information sharing will improve service levels and increase both staff and tenant satisfaction.

PCI Services can help you with these challenges. Our UNIFY platform is hugely flexible and can seamlessly integrate with legacy software platforms and accommodate Android and iOS mobile devices.

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What is Unified Communications?

Unified communications combines voice, text and email to allow organisations to work seamlessly with live voice, audio and video conferencing. Our platform offers Web collaboration, in one interface, with “presence” notification to indicate your availability to participate with other workers and external suppliers. Contact us today to find out more

What are the benefits of Unified Communications to Housing Associations?

  • Reduced costs
  • Increased tenant satisfaction
  • Improved efficiency
  • More Flexible working for staff and contractors
  • Organisation wide reporting

Improve teamwork with a single app that brings together voice, video chat, screen share, file sharing and storage.

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What does Unify offer?

  1. Control when you are contacted: Choose how and when you want to be contacted.

2. Flexibility: Communicate with colleagues anywhere from any place at anytime.

3. Connect with your existing system: Unify Circuit plays well with others, that means that you can link your outlook emails and meetings to Circuit conversations, and share documents saved in other apps.

4. Security: According to the ISO270001 security management framework, all conversations within Circuit are completely secure and encrypted. There are numerous layers of security protecting your access to Unify Circuit.

5. HD Quality: Any device with a web browser can be converted into a sophisticated device for communications. Unify Circuit can offer HD video, voice, and screen-sharing solutions.

6. Guest access: If you need to offer a more comprehensive collaboration experience, you can invite your customers to join you through Unify Circuit.

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