What to consider when choosing easy to install and use water-efficient taps and showers

By Bristan Group

Lasting integrity 

Making sure you choose products that stand the test of time, can help reduce the carbon footprint by reducing the amount of waste over time.  The longer it lasts, the cleaner the planet.

With the average person using around 142L of water each day with showers being the biggest water user in each household (25%), it is important to consider what products are going inside your builds.

Bristan is committed to making brilliantly simple solutions – every tap and shower is tested in our UKAS accredited in-house testing facility at each stage of development. This testing coupled with the enhanced components means we’re now able to offer 10-year guarantees across a selection of our taps.

Balancing quality and price

Cost-effective taps and showers are important, but so is customer satisfaction. If the quality isn’t there, there could be unhappy tenants demanding repairs and replacements, which could result in an increase in business costs in the long run.

Water-efficient basin mixer taps

With the Government’s plans to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, specifying water-efficient solutions is a brilliant way to reduce environmental impact in builds. Plus, with more people working from home than ever before, leading to a higher-than-normal energy usage, water-efficient products can also significantly reduce household bills for residents.

Bristan innovative basin mixer taps feature built-in flow regulators, reducing the water flow to as little as 3.5 litres per minute, increasing water efficiency. The average flow limiter can reduce water consumption by up to 50%, which could be a staggering saving, especially considering the average annual metered water bill is £427.

Low maintenance products 

We know how important it is that products are designed for easy maintenance — not only to improve their lifespan and value for money, but to reduce repair times within homes in a post-Covid world.

Specifying low-maintenance solutions is better for the environment in the long run as high maintenance products often get replaced, resulting in high carbon emissions, and added impact in landfills.

Bristan Joy electric shower is a perfect example of easy maintenance as it includes an anti-limescale feature that reduces build up, as well as rub-clean handsets and external filters so they’re simple to clean.