Phil Moss

Chief Technology Officer, PfH

Experienced technology leader with over 20 years’ working within product management, software engineering and Infrastructure. Having held multiple leadership positions as experienced software engineer and project manager, Phil has worked both in service businesses (enabled by technology) and for ISV’s (independent software vendors).  Phil spent 10 years working in the aerospace sector providing MRP software leading projects around scheduling, integration and mobile, before moving into procurement software with Valueworks and today PfH.

Wednesday 26th June, 15:00pm-15:30pm

lost information, recording information and data security

In today’s world with technology at the heart of most businesses and used to enable the efficient delivery of services or even the delivery of new services that perhaps could not have been delivered before. Data and security of it has become a huge challenge for organisations, as technology evolves and our consumption of it increases what are those challenges, what are the risks and what’s the cost of getting it wrong.