Richard Brooks

Partner, Anthony Collins Solicitors 

Richard is a procurement partner at Anthony Collins Solicitors who advises housing associations on making the best from the Procurement Regulations.  He has wide experience – from running competitive dialogue for regeneration to setting up dynamic purchasing systems for materials supply.  He also defends associations from procurement challenges and has acted in several reported high Court and Court of Appeal cases in the sector.

Wednesday 9th September, 10:00am-10:30am

Triple threat – how do you react?

Climate Change and Coronavirus have brought untold difficulties to many communities whilst Brexit could involve significant economic changes.  Richard reviews how this has impacted many procurement processes and suggests that only a strategic approach to procurement will now ensure value for money, rather than advertising your requirements in hope…  This session will also look at soft market engagement and how you allocate risks in your contract terms, particularly for unforeseen events, without scaring off the whole of the market.