Jonathan Walters

Deputy Director of Strategy and Performance, Regulator of Social Housing

Jonathan leads the RSH Strategy and Performance Team, with responsibility for a wide range of areas including strategic planning, sector analysis, supporting the supply of private finance as well as registrations and regulation of for-profit organisations. He has previously worked in both the public and private sectors, including Ernst and Young and social housing consultancy. In addition to his financial expertise, Jonathan holds an MSc in Urban and Regional Studies from the University of Birmingham, with a particular interest in regeneration and economic development.

Wednesday 9th September, 11:15am-11:45am

What does good regulatory compliance look like and what is the role of procurement?

How do Registered Providers ensure that they are complying with the regulator’s standards and what is the role of procurement in that process? In this session Jonathan will explore the risks the regulator sees from provider’s approach to procurement and how the regulator seeks assurance that those risks have been mitigated. The session will look at the importance of board oversight and the way that providers can use procurement to mitigate their risks.