MMC Category 2 framework

Building Better and PfH bring you this fully compliant route to market for volumetric, offsite built homes, with quality, price certainty and user experience at the heart of our offer.

Why chose a DPS rather than a framework

MMC Category 2 is supported via a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) which allows robust assessment of manufacturer credentials without limiting the number of organisations that can potentially provide service. As the marketplace continues to grow and develop, this allows manufacturers to join the programme at a future date, should they not meet the strict minimum requirements today.

How it works

Ultimately, the DPS is structured to allow flexibility in all aspects of the development lifecycle, we identify the credentials of each manufacturer, their particular nuances of both product and service offering and then match that with client brief/specification in advance of mini competition. This drastically reduces the complexity of the call-off process as the manufacturers being approached have already demonstrated their capability in delivering the core elements of the requirement.

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Lot structure



LoCal Homes manufacture a sustainable, low carbon structures using timber frames and specialist insulation.

LoCaL Homes has its own in-house architect team and offers structural engineering services as part of its package. It is also able to work with a client’s design and architect’s teams and their drawings too.

Starship provides a light gauge steel 2D panelised system which allows it to complete each home and install to a watertight state, in 1.5 days and for up to 9 stories.

The system is NHBC Accepts accredited and installation can be done anywhere a client can fit a refuse collection vehicle. There is no requirement for special traffic measures, escorted loads, road closures or large cranes.

Sigmat provides light gauge steel framing for up to 15 stories and has delivered 300 projects nationwide.

Depending on client requirements, additional insultation and support channels are installed at this time. Every site has a dedicated Contracts Manager during the on-site build process.

An Etopia home has an EPC rating average of 105/100(A), to its knowledge the UK’s highest performing EPC rating.

Etopia works with The UK Business Council for Sustainable Development (UKBCSD), The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) CO2nstruct Zero, RICS and the UK Government.

Future Built has delivered over 1,000 homes. Their precision manufactured steel frame system has the flexibility to deliver the building exactly to the client’s specification.

Future Built uses 100% recyclable materials, achieves 95% less construction material waste and has lighter foundations.

Roe Timberframe’s 80,000 square foot facility has a monthly production capacity of £3m and focuses on timber frame, truss and joist and steel fabrication.

The company operation includes sourcing sustainable materials from reputable importers, burning some waste material to heat our factories, recycling waste timber for other uses including brickettes for wood burners.

Donaldson Timber Systems was established in 2021 as a division within the Donaldson Group. We are a national offsite timber frame construction manufacturer, supplying sustainable timber frame structural solutions to housebuilders across the UK, helping our clients reduce their carbon impact, build at a pace that suits them and construct better performing homes. We are the largest company of our kind in the UK and provide factory produced, quality building systems for a growing market of housebuilders and construction companies moving over to MMC (Modern Methods of Construction) and off-site manufacture.

Our modern methods of construction assist with traditional build keeping the standard of quality high. As an award-winning provider of our i-House and i-Roof products and services, we manufacture, deliver and install high quality roofing and whole house solutions within controlled factory environments. Our design, manufacturing and delivery teams ensure that your project is delivered efficiently, effectively, and on-time.
H+H Vertical Wall Panels are storey-high panels of aircrete that offer the speed of offsite without compromising on materials or performance.
When combined with prefabricated timber floors and a prefabricated roof, Vertical Wall Panels provide a system-build solution that can construct the superstructure of a house from foundation to roof within five days onsite.

Over the last 90 years Rollalong has developed a rich history in evolving the manufacture and construction of Cat-1 modular buildings. We can act as a main contractor, providing full turnkey solutions and making Rollalong the partner of choice when delivering residential projects. Our latest suite of standardised residential property designs has been developed in conjunction with our housing partners and has successfully assisted us in obtaining NHBC Accepts and BOPAS accreditations for our pattern book residential products. We offer a range of energy-efficient, future-proofed, low-carbon or net zero homes which conform to 100% NDSS and 2025 Future Homes Standard.

Boutique Modern is a Main Contractor and Cat-1 MMC manufacturer specialising in residential projects of 5-75 homes. Our build system is accredited for houses and low-rise apartments up to 4 storeys (GF+3). We have an established build system and track record for delivery of affordable housing around the South East. We also have experience in delivering Operational Net Zero homes and schemes with significantly enhanced social value. We are proud to be the UK’s only modular manufacture with B-Corporation certification.

Zed Pods offers an integrated design, planning and principal contractor build service using off-site volumetric housing. We deliver truly affordable, high-quality, zero carbon (operational) modular homes above existing car parks, flood zones, garages, infills, hard-standings, rooftops or traditional development sites.  Our projects, showcased at the COP26 and national media like BBC, have enabled public sector clients to address both new build social housing crisis and climate emergency issues.

With a legacy spanning over six decades, Elkins stands as a prominent construction company in London and beyond. Established in 1963 as a family-owned roofing business, we’ve evolved into a leading provider of new-build homes, modular construction, refurbishment, planned and reactive maintenance services. Serving private and public sector clients, our commitment to high-quality construction projects remains unwavering.
Elkins combines a rich history with a forward-looking approach. While embracing modern techniques, we remain dedicated to preserving the values that have underpinned our success. Our pledge to the environment, exemplified through a focus on net-zero goals, are integral parts of our culture.

Specialists in volumetric modular construction. We design, manufacture and install innovative steel-frame buildings. Our unique, modular building system comprises highly engineered, structural steel frames, manufactured at our Glasgow facility from high quality grade S355 steel. The system incorporates various thicknesses of lightweight gauge steel, lending itself to a wide range of bespoke design projects. 85% of the production process is completed in our factory, meaning that your building is strictly quality controlled. This also reduces costs and build time onsite.

EDAROTH, wholly owned by AtkinsRéalis, provides local authorities and housing associations with an end-to-end development service underpinned by its Atkins-designed and engineered MMC housing system. In addition to development on acquired sites, it can unlock the potential and hidden value within clients’ brownfield and underutilised land holdings.

EDAROTH’s MMC system is a Category 2/Category 5 hybrid comprising fully serviced closed wall panels and modules for bathrooms and downstairs cloakrooms, its PMV is >60%. The house and apartment variants achieve EPC A and carbon net zero in operation All typologies meet or exceed NDSS and are M4(2) standard with M4(3) variants also available.

Cora is a social and environmentally-conscious developer devoted to creating amazing places.

We strive to create a positive and lasting legacy in every community we operate in – utilising the latest green technologies and building techniques to enhance safe and sustainable neighbourhoods.

We are big believers in the power and importance of affordable housing, and work with local authorities and social housing providers across the Midlands to build pathways to prosperity for our customers.

We are committed to increasing our affordable housing output and helping more people realise the wonder of a Cora home.

Established in 1981, Pinewood Structures are one of the UK’s largest timber frame manufacturers.

We specialise in engineered timber frame structural solutions for the construction of houses.  We offer a range of offsite solutions, including open panel and closed panel timber frames. Additionally, we provide a number of pre-insulated offsite MMC solutions including our One-Roof™ panelised roof system for both timber frame and masonry builds.

We have built a reputation for being trusted to deliver. It’s important that you have a reliable partner who can be trusted to support you through the design stages of your project and provide consistent delivery on site through to completion.

Parrott Construction is a medium sized construction company, founded in 1968, with a 2023 projected turnover of £14 Million. We are able to carry out all construction projects in the value range of £250,000 to £9M.

The majority of our work is carried out within a 60-mile radius of our Head Office in Kempston, Bedfordshire. Since 1968 the business has been involved in numerous schemes; Education, Sports & Leisure, Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Public buildings.

Excelsior Land are an award winning family run construction company , specialising in high quality , sustainable building solutions for the public and private sector . Our mission: to be the most valued business partner of all our clients.

We have a wealth of knowledge between the teams at Fisher and Dean built up over 30 years in the industry. We are technically able to cope with complex engineering work and ground work solutions and absolutely love a logistical or technical challenge especially where there are tight sites to work on and additional infrastructure problems.

Parrott Construction is a medium sized construction company, founded in 1968, with a 2023 projected turnover of £14 Million. We are able to carry out all construction projects in the value range of £250,000 to £9M.

The majority of our work is carried out within a 60-mile radius of our Head Office in Kempston, Bedfordshire. Since 1968 the business has been involved in numerous schemes; Education, Sports & Leisure, Healthcare, Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Public buildings.

“Conversations with manufacturers have been really organic. We told them about the sites in planning and asked them to take a look. They did site visits and became part of the project team along with our architects. Manufacturers looked at the architect’s design and they are now working up what changes, if any, need to be made for delivery. That wouldn’t have been possible without the Building Better framework. It allows this early engagement with the market where you can actually use their design experience to shape schemes.”

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Procurement for Housing

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