MMC category 1 framework

Building Better and PfH bring you this fully compliant route to market for volumetric, offsite built homes, with quality, price certainty and user experience at the heart of our offer.

About this framework

The framework has been designed to facilitate early engagement between development teams and manufacturers. Our commercial approach provides pricing visibility and encourages open and transparent conversations regarding costs, without the need for any additional procurement processes.

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The provision of housing and/or apartments up to 18m

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A modular housing manufacturer and contractor and the UK’s first zero embodied carbon home builder. Backed by Goldman Sachs, TopHat aspires to deliver beautiful homes in a sustainable manner. Our homes are built in our advanced manufacturing facility in Derbyshire and transported to site, allowing installation of up to 3 homes per day, with the latest technology they are incredibly efficient to own and live in.


The provision of housing, bungalows and/or apartments up to 18m

Zed Pods offers an integrated design, planning and principal contractor build service using off-site volumetric housing. We deliver truly affordable, high-quality, zero carbon (operational) modular homes above existing car parks, flood zones, garages, infills, hard-standings, rooftops or traditional development sites. Our in-house CIAT-registered architectural team helps client to design bespoke modular schemes to meet their specifications, budget, and delivery timeframe. Our units are space standard compliant & highly energy efficient with “fabric first” approach and renewable technologies to keep lowest possible utility costs for the residents.

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“With the framework being direct call-off, we don’t have to go through a complex procurement process. Instead, we have conversations with suppliers and then appoint. The challenge of finding the right people and going through the lengthy tender process has been completely removed.”

“Conversations with manufacturers have been really organic. We told them about the sites in planning and asked them to take a look. They did site visits and became part of the project team along with our architects. Manufacturers looked at the architect’s design and they are now working up what changes, if any, need to be made for delivery. That wouldn’t have been possible without the Building Better framework. It allows this early engagement with the market where you can actually use their design experience to shape schemes.”

Procurement for Housing

Procurement for Housing

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