Legrand are global experts in electrical and digital building infrastructures, with a presence in over 90 countries. The Assisted Living & Healthcare business unit specialises in creating innovative technology based care solutions for health, housing and social care services. Tynetec, Aid Call and Jontek are the three brands that combine to form Assisted Living & Healthcare,

In this day and age, we’re all living longer and as a consequence, the care and health services we rely upon need to change in order to support more effectively, those who are vulnerable or at risk.

Tynetec offer innovative care solutions, with our range of hardware and software all designed and manufactured in house in Blyth, Northumberland. The company supplies Warden Call Systems, Telecare Solutions, Access Control Systems and Wireless Nurse Call Products to hundreds of Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Hospitals and Care Homes across the UK and beyond.

Tynetec’s digitally enabled at-home alarms and telecare devices work seamlessly together to empower individuals in their own homes. Our grouped living and access control systems are designed to ensure that local authorities and housing associations have flexible future proofed support for their residents. And we also offer a true digital end to end solution with our Jontek monitoring and response centre software.

Jontek provide Assisted Living Alarm Monitoring and Response Centre solutions, incorporating telecare, telehealth and m-Care to over 60 plus organisations across the UK.  We are experts in our field, focusing purely on developing, installing and supporting the most advanced monitoring systems that are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our drive to achieve technical excellence means that we invest over 25% of our annual sales turnover back into the research and development of our systems.  We are continuously developing our systems to ensure we meet the evolving needs of our clients, to safeguard their investment for the future.

News & Insight

Our installation process during Covid-19

We would like to reassure our customers that Legrand Assisted Living & Healthcare is making every effort to support you through this difficult time and must take all steps to minimise exposure to our customers and protect our employees. Read the guide

Dementia Dog December

Tynetec will make a donation for every Telecare purchase throughout December

In support of reconnecting people with dementia back into their local community, Tynetec will be making a donation for every Telecare sale throughout December to the Dementia Dog Project.

The Dementia Dog Project is a charitable collaboration between Alzheimer Scotland and Dogs for Good, and the first initiative of its type in the world to blend dementia specialist services with the provision of highly trained assistance and community dogs.

Tynetec colleagues began raising funds for the Dementia Dog Project in 2015.

The fundraising is in honour of late Business Development Manager Billy Graham and his wife Lisa, who were tragically killed in a terror attack in Tunisia. The total raised so far currently stands at £15,975 and this sponsored the UK’s first ever community dementia dog, who has been named after Billy.

As Billy undergoes his advanced training, Tynetec are supporting the black Labrador in his onward ‘career’ as a dementia community dog by continuing to raise funds for the Dementia Dog Project.

At the end of December, Tynetec will make a donation to the Dementia Dog Project for every telecare product that is purchased throughout the month. This includes all Tynetec Reach At-Home Alarm Units and Telecare Devices.

Hanover Scotland choose Answerlink

Jontek win contract to support Scotland’s leading Housing Association

Jontek, a brand of Legrand, has successfully won a contract to provide Alarm Receiving Centre software to Hanover Scotland.

Hanover Scotland Housing Association is one of Scotland’s leading providers of housing and services for vulnerable residents, including the elderly. It manages more than 5,000 homes on approximately 35 housing developments, offering rented properties and acting as factoring agents to over 1000 home owners.

The company also provides community alarms to thousands of people across Scotland, including 7,000 of its own residents. The 24/7 service empowers individuals to retain their independence within a local community by allowing the user to contact a highly trained operator any time they require assistance.

In 2017, Hanover Scotland decided to upgrade the Alarm Receiving Centre software which receives and monitors its community alarm calls. The company went to tender in 2017 to procure a more resilient, reliable and future proofed monitoring platform to replace its aging system. The system required the ability to simultaneously support its existing analogue alarm technology, in addition to next generation digital alarm technology which is now being produced by major manufacturers.

Jontek proposed its alarm receiving centre monitoring platform, Answerlink, to meet all of Hanover Scotland’s requirements. Throughout the tender process, Jontek clearly demonstrated Answerlink’s capabilities by providing real-life evidence of its success and visiting customer sites to ensure due diligence procedures were being followed.

Hanover Scotland therefore awarded Jontek with a contract to provide Alarm Receiving Centre software in May 2018. The housing association now has a state of the art, safety critical monitoring centre platform that is securing the wellbeing and safety of its many service users.

National Sales Manager for Tynetec and Jontek, Stuart Carroll, commented: “Hanover Scotland’s commitment to supporting its current and future services users is evident in their selection of Jontek’s assisted living platform.

With its ability to simultaneously accept analogue and digital calls on a single user interface, Answerlink provides Hanover Scotland with the flexibility to protect its past analogue investments, while preparing for the digital future. And we look forward to working closely with Hanover Scotland on the digital journey, which will create significant opportunities to meet the current and future demands on its monitoring centre service.”

Karbon Homes partner with Tynetec to deliver the very latest digital technology.

Investment in hi-tech digital intercom and alarm keeps older residents safe.

Residents at a sheltered housing scheme in the Northumberland town of Blyth are benefiting from the very latest digital technology to keep them safe and well.

Housing association Karbon Homes acquired Athlone Court in Blyth last summer from another landlord, and recognised the need to invest in a new grouped living alarm and communication system. As all of the other 35 sheltered and Extra Care schemes managed by Karbon across the North East already had an integrated grouped living system to ensure the residents could call for help if they were ever in difficulties.

But Athlone Court were entirely reliant on the building’s scheme officer keeping in personal contact with the residents – or receiving a phone call daily to ensure they were Ok.

Jon McDonald, Retirement Living manager for Karbon Homes, said: “For older residents, it’s vital that they have peace of mind so that, should they suffer a fall or an unexpected health emergency, they can easily call for help – and know somebody will be on call to assist them.

“It’s also reassurance for their friends and family members. We operate grouped living systems in all our schemes, but this new digital system is a step up from what we’re used to – the sound quality is excellent, and the amount of information available to our staff is very impressive on the managers panel.”

Aaron Longstaff, Senior Business Development Manager from alarm provider Tynetec, said:

“Our new digital Advent XT2 system installed at Athlone Court is one of the most advanced in the country in terms of functionality.

Advent XT2 offers complete peace of mind as a means of simple and effective communication between a resident and the onsite manager or offsite responder, should assistance be required.

An ‘I’m OK’ button lets the onsite manager know that the resident is fine so there is no need to call and disturb each day. A message waiting option with caller identification adds an additional level of security.

The Intercom is easy to clean with a modern, stylish and aesthetically pleasing look that fits seamlessly into the resident’s property.

The Advent XT2 Manager’s Display Panel is a dedicated, wall mounted panel PC that provides an onsite manager with the ability to interact with the most common day to day functions of the system. The unit is also capable of running a separate communal electronic noticeboard to keep residents up to date with any news, events or notices.”

Lauren’s Story

Lauren gets her life back with a Reach At Home Alarm Unit and Fall Detector


At only 20 years old, Lauren has an acquired brain injury and suffers from short term memory loss and hemiplegia. For Lauren’s family – who feared leaving her home alone for any period of time – the Tynetec Reach Home Alarm Unit, Wrist Worn Fall Detector and Smoke Alarm provide a huge amount of re-assurance.

Lauren was knocked down by a car at the age of 11 and spent 6 months in hospital after being left with an acquired brain injury, broken hip, broken right leg and fractured left arm.

Additional Details

Lauren’s recovery is ongoing after she re-learned how to breath, eat, walk and talk. She still struggles with her balance and using the right-hand side of her body, but Tynetec products have enabled her to be more independent in her own surroundings with the knowledge that someone is always there if she needs help.


Dawn’s Story

Innovative integration of Reach GSM Unit keeps Dawn in her own home


Although 47-year-old Dawn has progressive non-remitting multiple sclerosis, she is determined to remain living in her own home for as long as possible. A substantive Telecare package has empowered her to do so for the last eight years, but an innovative solution was required to enable her continued independence.

Dawn is still able to verbally communicate; however, she has no independent mobility of motor movement. This requires her to have a method of summoning help in the event of an emergency when she is alone. Dawn lives alone and there are times during the day, and particularly at night, when she is alone for long periods of time in between visits from a carer.

Additional Details

Wigan Council and Eldercare came up with the innovative solution to combine a Tynetec Reach Plus GSM At-Home Alarm Unit with the Amazon Echo in order to support Dawn’s increasing needs.

If Dawn should require help when she is alone, she is now able to ask the Alexa Voice Service on her Amazon Echo to call for help, which prompts Alexa to send a text message to the Reach Plus GSM, instructing the unit to dial an Alarm Receiving Centre.

The Reach GSM is Tynetec’s At-Home Alarm Unit for communication over mobile networks, which negates the requirement of a fixed telephone line and enables the monitoring of daily activities.

Jontek Receive Award

Jontek receive Quality Standards Framework Award at the TSA Gala Awards

We are extremely proud to receive the TEC Quality Standards Framework award, well done to all involved in this fantastic achievement.

The Jontek team collected their award on stage at the TSA Gala Dinner on Tuesday 16th October.