Experience the Power of Inventor-e’s Solutions

Introducing the innovative Inventory and Asset Management Solution from Inventor-e for the housing industry – designed to revolutionise your operations and improve resident satisfaction rates. Using our comprehensive platform, social housing providers can effectively address challenges, streamline processes, and deliver exceptional services.

  • Accurate and Detailed Asset Data: It’s time to say goodbye to outdated methods of asset tracking. Inventor-e’s cutting-edge solutions offer accurate and detailed data, all in one centralised cloud-based platform. This eliminates errors, streamlines your operations, and ensures asset intelligence like never before.
  • Real-time Asset Tracking: Discover a level of asset management that empowers your business like never before. Ous solutions will optimise asset utilisation, prevent loss, and streamline maintenance processes with ease. You gain full control over assets, to enhance operational efficiency and significantly reduce costs.
  • Improved Maintenance and Repairs: Inventor-e’s cloud-based platform enables you to streamline workflows, address issues promptly and keep your operations running smoothly. It maximises your team’s productivity and effectiveness, which will reduce grievances and enhance living conditions for your residents.
  • Enhanced Data Analysis and Reporting: Data is power. Our solutions empower you with enhanced data analysis and reporting capabilities which identify trends, anticipate needs, alloiwing you to make informed decisions. Effortlessly and efficiently demonstrate compliance with regulatory requirements.

Don’t let outdated asset management hold back your business. Contact us today to learn more and discover how we can revolutionise your asset management practices.

How We Deliver Our Service

At Inventor-e, we understand the unique needs of the housing industry. Our service delivery revolves around a cloud-based Asset Management system that seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure. Our team of experts will guide you through the implementation process, ensuring a smooth transition. We provide comprehensive training, ongoing support, and continuous updates to keep your operations optimised and efficient.

Benefits for Members

  • Enhanced Operational Efficiency: By utilising accurate asset data and real-time tracking, social housing providers experience improved operational efficiency, reducing costs and optimising resource utilisation.
  • Streamlined Maintenance Processes: Our SmartVan solution streamlines maintenance workflows, ensuring prompt addressing of issues, reducing resident grievances, and enhancing living conditions.
  • Proactive Planning and Investment: Leverage data analysis and reporting features to anticipate maintenance needs, plan for future investments, and meet regulatory requirements effortlessly.
  • Resident Satisfaction and Safety: Timely maintenance, accurate data, and effective information management contribute to improved resident satisfaction and safety, creating a secure and comfortable environment.

Revolutionise Your Asset Management!