Integrity Connect

Trusted. Engaged. Powerful Communication provider to the social housing sector

Integrity Connect (formerly GPS Document Management) is the leading digital and printed communications provider to the social housing sector in the UK. We contract with over 70 social housing organisations to deliver integrated, innovative, tailor-made solutions that improve customer experience and drive digital transformation by designing clear and engaging customer communications.

Why chose Integrity Connect?

Social Housing organisations turn to Integrity Connect when –

  • Searching for an integrated customer communications provider for both print and digital channels
  • Looking for advice, creative design and technical support to bring their customer communications to life
  • There is a lack of internal resource available to improve customer experience through enhanced communications
  • Frustrated by complex processes and need a service provider who can simplify them
  • Looking to partner with a vendor who will pro-actively find ways to reduce their print and postage spend
  • Concerned about the potential data security risk posed by working through intermediaries
  • Looking to support hybrid working without impacting on productivity
  • Burdened with regulation and concerned about their document compliance
  • Looking to improve the productivity of their internal processes
  • Seeking to enable efficiencies for business critical communications

Our Offering

We provide integrated document design, print production and mailing services in addition to hybrid mail, outbound and inbound postroom services, document automation and multi-channel communications to social housing organisations across the UK. We have a proven track record of delivering channel choice to the sector, backed by innovation and an adaptable approach to the challenges of the agile and hybrid workplace.


For more than 20 years Integrity Connect have successfully provided customer communication solutions to the social housing sector. Our clients have chosen to partner with us as we provide exceptional levels of service due to the knowledge we have gained from working so closely with the sector. This knowledge and expertise is reflected in our service offering –

  • We are a truly integrated solutions provider for print and digital communications that are designed, created and manufactured under one roof
  • We help transform rent and service charge mailings and data driven customer communications by bringing together a unique blend of consultancy, design and technical expertise. We are known for being independent, frank, knowledgeable and pragmatic – our approach is underpinned by commercial awareness
  • We simplify complex processes by introducing automation that improve workflows, reducing costs and increasing your productivity
  • Our proven sector experience enables us to share identified best practices with all of our clients
  • Our hybrid mail solution, Clarity Mail has been designed and developed specifically to meet the identified needs of our housing clients
  • We developed a virtual postroom service during the 2020 lockdown to enable our clients to function effectively while working from home. This service continues to provide valuable support to clients in the sector.
  • We have a long history of working with regulatory communications and understand how to deliver effective design without compromising compliance.

Contact details

Our Housing Specialist, Richard Smith, Client Services Director


T: 01923 274670

M: 07973 617487

Integrity Connect Account Management Team


T: 01761 409272