Frankham Consultancy Group provides a full range of design and consultancy services to the built environment. The company exists to improve the surroundings in which we all live and work.

Our belief is simple – use intelligent ideas to create human benefits. From environmentally sustainable buildings to individual commissions, our projects have one thing in common, they improve peoples’ lives.

We provide a truly integrated capability, providing all professional disciplines and a range of specialist services from within. We take a holistic view of all the elements of each individual service, and their impact on every stakeholder of every project.

Our fire safety department are able to provide the following services;

Type 1 or Type 3 Fra’s (Visual fire risk assessment)

We provide type 1 fire risk assessments for all type of properties and are well placed to undertake FRAs in accordance with the RR(FS)O 2005 for halls of residence, community areas, purpose built residential buildings, street side properties, shops, offices, libraries and all types of commercial establishment. We are able to attend premises easily and ensuring social distancing objectives are maintained.

Type 2 or Type 4 Fra’s or individual intrusive compartmentation assessments

We can arrange for a full Type 4 FRA (10% dwellings + communal areas), a Type 2 FRA (communal areas only) or where there is limited access we can undertake the same on individual dwellings. This can be useful in ascertaining the initial scope for future projects or in order to supplement a Type 2 FRA and is generally charged at an hourly / daily rate. Our fee’s for both include for experienced intrusive fire consultant and for Firas accredited fire proofing contractor and our Head of Fire Consultancy leads on this.

In house Fire Engineering

Anthony Robson leads on this side and is working with you on a number of current projects. Anthony has over 10 years industry experience and is a Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers (MIFireE), a Chartered Member of the Chartered Association of Building Engineers (MCABE) and a Chartered Building Engineer (C. Build E). Anthony’s small in house team can assist with Fire Strategies and Performance Specification; Drawing Reviews commenting on architectural plans to confirm they comply; External wall surveys & cladding and all fire engineering bespoke consultancy.

Laser Scanning

The wider Frankham Group can provide Laser Scanning which includes Topographical Surveys (2D and 3D), Underground Services investigation (Via Partner), Measured

Building surveys (2D), Floor plans, Sections, Elevations and Rights of light models (3D Solid Models in CAD).

Fire Consultancy Advice

We are heavily involved in bespoke Fire Consultancy ranging from evacuation procedure documents, PEEPs, balconies, escape route amendments, fire door checks, signage surveys, fire safety manuals and general clarification of guidance. Our Head of Fire Consultancy Lucy Witts will be able to tailor our service to your needs.

We also provide a permanent fire retainer service where one of our senior consultants or specified technical expert is available (generally 24/7) to respond to any queries via phone or email which can be helpful to your in-house staff.

PAS9997 Fire Management System Review

We are also able to undertake full fire management system reviews of organisations in order to provide a gap analysis in readiness to accreditation to BS9997. This is a means of demonstrating any company’s preparedness for fire safety issues and can be looked on favourably by insurers and in terms of public profile. We are also partnered with a BS9997 certification provider who will provide the final accreditation.

Staff Fire Safety Training

We are able to deliver a wide range of training to staff, management, fire wardens and residents from our portfolio of courses and are happy to provide bespoke or tailored courses if you are looking for a specific syllabus.

Online Fire Safety Portal

Frankham are able to partner with clients by providing an accessible online portal available to both your staff and your residents on a 24-hour basis.

This website is always tailored exclusively for the client’s own fire safety programme and will be capable of identifying the planned programme as it stands, access to previously undertaken FRA summaries if required, update information as the programme progresses and contact information for queries. In addition training and seminars and our online magazine will be made available to help communicate the fire safety message to staff and resident in line with the recommendations of ‘Building A Safer Future’.

A demo version of this website can be viewed online at

Please note this is a demonstration site only but can be readily adapted to your member organisation’s needs.

Fire Safety Site Inspector Role for Construction Projects

Frankham are able to offer independent assurance by deploying our own Fire Safety

Site Inspector for any medium – long term construction projects. Combining the expertise of both our Fire Safety Management Team and our Fire Engineering Department this approach is in line with the ‘Golden Thread’ approach and ensures a projects are focused on the original design strategy, Reg 38 information and 3rd party accredited inspection.