FCMS operates a team of professionals across the UK including Project Managers, Customer Relations Managers, Quality Assurance Officers and Administrative Staff. Together it is their role to ensure efficient and effective service delivery. They work in synergy with our clients to ensure that the highest standards of customer service are met.

FCMS has been established for almost 11 years, helping organisations large and small across the country to achieve fire compliance.

We enjoy membership and company accreditations, so our work has to be of the highest quality to maintain our professional standing.

We have a growing team of Qualified and Accredited Fire Risk Assessors throughout the UK who together with a dedicated team of Directors, Auditors, Project Managers and Support Staff oversee and deliver consistently high quality, robust, reliable and bespoke services to our Clients and Partners.

The cornerstone of the FCMS approach is the synergy we create between ourselves & our clients. When you use our services, you are not just paying for an assessment and report, we will work with you through every stage of the process, finding cost-effective solutions and a dynamic approach to dealing with any issues encountered, helping you achieve and sustain compliance with the Fire Regulations.

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Our services

  • Fire Risk Assessment
  • Fire Door Inspections
  • Pre-Occupation Fire Risk Assessment
  • Construction Site Risk Assessment (RIBA Stage 5)
  • Fire Compartmentalisation Survey
  • Fire Safety Management Audit
  • DSEAR Risk Assessment
  • Fire Strategies (RIBA Stages 1-4)
  • Specialist Support when dealing with Fire Enforcement
  • Fire Policy/Procedure development
  • Fire Training (Face to Face)
  • Fire Training (eLearning)
  • Fire Safety Consultation
  • Regulation 38 (RIBA Stage 6)
  • Technical Note Development (Engineering Solutions)

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The Secure Online Portal

FCMS use SharePoint to provide our clients with a secure online portal. This allows a seamless flow of information and documents between us and the client.

The online portal works in a hierarchical system which allows us to share all or parts of the folder with designated individuals. Only those individuals authorised to do so can access the parts of the folder they are designated.

Alerts can also be set up on all or parts of the folder to let you know when things have been added, updated, or removed. This can be done either by email or by SMS.

We create a folder for each property in the portfolio and clients are provided with a Pre-Site Visit FRA questionnaire which lists the documentation that an assessor will need to see to complete the FRA.

This provides the opportunity for the client to locate these documents such as a Fire Safety Policy or Site Plans and upload them to the property folder.

The assessor can review these documents prior to the assessment. This has proven to significantly reduce the number of remedial actions in the FRA and provides:

  • Easy access to documentation​
  • Reduced data duplication ​
  • 24/7 overview of project management and action status​
  • Gives your organisation a clear understanding of how KPIs are managed​
  • A clear overview of your entire property risk status​
  • Live data that can be presented to key stakeholders​
  • Evidence that your organisation is proactive in closing out actions and completing assessments​
  • Enhanced control over the cost of remedial works​
  • Prioritisation of specific risks across your entire portfolio ​
  • Transparency assured between FCMS and key stakeholders​
  • Empowers your organisation to develop a clear road map to compliance​

In accordance with our ISO9001 accreditation, we have a library of documents, stored in our online portal. We refer to this as our Global Management System

The index, contained within the policy folder is a direct link to each of the documents listed, meaning our clients always have access to the most up to date information.

This includes policies, procedures, risk assessments and forms. Just click the link and the index will take you to the document.

To find out more about our technical solutions to communication and tracking, download the document

Our Client Support

  • Dedicated Project Manager​
  • Client Liaison​
  • Technical Support from FCMS Staff, Fire Professionals and Directors​
  • Dedicated Secure Online Portal​
  • Live Project Management Action Tracker​
  • Live Action Tracker Plus Analytics Dashboard​
  • Comprehensive Reports Providing Clear Concise Information​
  • 2 stage QA Process ​
  • Peer Reviews to Ensure Consistency​
  • 24hr Emergency Helpline ​
  • Regular Progress Meetings

To find out more about our technical solutions to communication and tracking, download the document