Dagny is the new standard in talent bank technology. Start harnessing the full potential of your flexible workforce and manage your shift workers efficiently and effortlessly. Join existing clients in cutting workforce administration saving 15+ hours a week and reducing agency spend by up to £1m+ a month with a fully compliant and well regulated workforce.

Features & Benefits

  • Cloud-based Workforce Management: Accessible from anywhere, anytime
  • Dynamic Bank Staff Management: Swiftly fill shifts with available staff
  • Real-time Comprehensive Reporting: Access data-driven insights instantly
  • Staff Engagement Mobile App: Empower staff with scheduling control
  • Collaborative Rostering: Encourages staff input in scheduling
  • Payment Reporting: Reward staff promptly after shift completion
  • Automated Onboarding: Avoid endless back and forth
  • Compliance Monitoring: Ensures all scheduling adhere to regulation and training requirements
  • Two-way Review System: Enables feedback exchange between staff and managers

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