Capital Works DPS – FAQs

Below is a list of FAQs we think you may find useful. If your question has still not been answered by reading the FAQs below, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01925 282 398.

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) is a completely electronic system used to purchase commonly used goods, works or services.  Unlike a traditional frameworks, suppliers and/or contractors can apply to join at any time, and is designed to provide buyers with easy access to a pool of pre-qualified providers.

The Capital Works & Associated Services DPS is broken into twelve specific categories chosen to offer maximum support for common housing maintenance requirements.  Incorporating a ‘whole house’ category, our DPS is designed to offer easy access to your local specialist supply chain and enable quick, compliant and reliable appointments.

The DPS has been established in line with the requirements of Regulation 34 (Dynamic Purchasing Systems) of the Public Contract Regulations 2015.  The selection and category specific questionnaires are based on the Crown Commercial Service Standard Selection Questionnaire and PAS 91:2003+A1:2007 Construction Prequalification Questionnaire documents; with all documentation having been fully reviewed by our independent legal advisors.

Providers can apply to be appointed by completing the DPS selection questionnaire.  Provided they meet the minimum requirements, new providers can be appointed ready to bid within ten calendar days of submitting their application.

New providers can join at any time, provided they meet the relevant minimum criteria for the relevant categories.  This means that unlike standard frameworks, PfH can work with you to target existing or desired local supply chains. Should the application be unsuccessful, the applicant will be provided with relevant feedback, however this does not prevent the applicant from reapplying in future once any issues identified have been resolved.

Call-offs are made through further competition and can be made within ten calendar days.  The DPS offers complete flexibility on a project by project basis meaning simple and complex requirements can be handled with the appropriate amount of rigour, where necessary allowing bidders longer periods to submit their offers.

Each call-off from the DPS can be designed to align with your exact requirements in respect of quality and price.  PfH have expert consultants on hand to offer advice and guidance, but ultimately each call-off will be reflective of your desired approach and assessment.

Further competitions can be flexible to incorporate any standard tendering documentation you or your team may have, and to include any of your standard tendering approaches or assessment criteria.  PfH will manage the electronic management of any further competitions, but you ultimately decide on how involved in each process you’d like to be.

PfH manage the DPS including all provider appointments via our dedicated In-Tend platform, and will manage any further competition administration.  Where required, our team of expert consultants are on-hand to support in scoping requirements, offering specification supporting and offering quality assurance services.  We can either adopt your standard tendering documentation, or work in close partnership with you to develop an appropriate document suite to ensure you get the right result for your requirement.

The DPS offers total flexibility to incorporate your preferred contract form including JCT and NEC.  Where required, PfH can support and assist in selecting the most appropriate contract form for your requirement.

Contracts awarded following further competitions will be managed by each member organisation, however overall performance monitoring will be carried out by PfH to ensure that only well performing contractors are invited to bid for your requirements.

  •  Opportunity to engage with incumbent contractors and local SMEs
  •  Access to pre-approved providers in relation to suitability and capability
  • Compliant procurement approach with significantly reduced timescales
  •  Managed due diligence checking
  • Complete flexibility on contract set up i.e. specification, pricing model and contract terms
  •  Benefit from innovation and access to new market entrants
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Procurement for Housing

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