When lives are at stake, there’s no room for doubt

Many organisations believe CE markings guarantee product compliance and keep their company compliant with safety regulations when buying from suppliers. However, many are surprised to learn that product modification can occur by manufacturers with no communication sent to customers, or even re-testing to confirm they are still safe and compliant. What this means is that CE markings do not guarantee compliance therefore make their company liable in the event of an incident.

In fact, independent lab testing found that for example, around 40% of non-metallic footwear and 30% of rigger gloves failed recent CE re-testing… despite them carrying the CE mark.

As a result, many housing organisations could be unknowingly buying products from the marketplace that fail to offer the expected protection level, exposing employees to greater risk of injury and illness, and their company to higher fines and costs.

About Arco

Arco is the UK’s leading supplier of safety equipment, workwear, expert advice and training. We exist to shape the safety world and make work a safer place. At Arco, we conduct ongoing due diligence testing on all our own-brand PPE that we provide our customers, using our in-house UKAS accredited testing laboratory. The 5-stage assurance process we put our products through means our PPE meets the required standards of quality, keeps workers safe, and reduces the costs and stresses of injury and illness. By working with Arco, we can validate our on-going compliance allowing you to work towards their performance metrics, demonstrating cost savings through the purchase of products which can prevent the business becoming subjected to the costs of an incident on site.

Coupled with our expertise in health and safety and regulatory knowledge, we help ensure housing associations are confident in their PPE purchases.

How ethical is your supply chain?

Modern Day Slavery is an international crime, affecting an estimated 40+ million people around the world. It’s a growing issue, affecting men, women and children. At Arco, we are committed to making a difference. We pride ourselves on having an ethical supply policy and being the first safety distributor to become members of the Ethical Trading Initiative.

Case studies

We have a number a case studies available, including:

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  • Manchester Fire Case Study
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  • Hull UK 2017 City of Culture Volunteer Uniform Case Study
  • London 2012 Olympic Volunteer Uniform Case Study

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