When Rehman Akhtar began working for Whitefriars Housing as a building surveyor, one of his first roles was to review asset management procurement. “In some cases, there was expenditure on third party services such as structural engineering consultants, without contracts being in place or contracts nearing an end.”


This system of working was not considered efficient and effective by Rehman Akhtar. “To be compliant we needed a framework which WM Housing [Whitefriars] could call off from rather than continuously obtaining three quotations to be financially complaint every time.”

Managing this resource-intensive process of procuring in line with financial and EU regulations for every contract wasn’t something that Rehman or his team had time for. As a busy building surveyor for the whole WM Housing Group (which Whitefriars is part of), Rehman Akhtar manages five different projects, covering 30,000 homes across the West Midlands.

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