Most organisations recognise the advantages of adopting a long-term energy strategy, in terms of the opportunities and savings it can provide. But without the resources and expertise, developing an effective energy strategy can feel like an impossible task.

Today’s competitive and complex energy markets have generated a host of utility experts, all eager to help you find a good deal but finding the right consultant can be tricky. So, what should you look for when choosing a consultant?

  1. Independent market expertise

Working with an independent consultant means you’ll get an informed and unbiased comparison of all suppliers. Look for a consultant who has access to a wide range of price books, as well as long-standing relationships with suppliers as this makes them best placed to find the optimum price for your energy.

When it comes to procurement, finding the best priced contracts requires an in-depth knowledge of the UK energy market, its complex tariff structures, the many energy suppliers and their differing contract types.  An experienced consultant can provide the market insight needed to set up optimal purchasing strategies, while managing energy cost risk.

Furthermore, you should check that the consultant has a proven track record within the public sector. Not only will this ensure that they can offer a fully compliant route to market, but they will also understand the unique challenges and opportunities that your organisation faces.

  1. Quality and transparent service

Find a consultant who offers you direct access to one point of contact or a Relationship Manager for complete consistency. Once a relationship is established, your consultant should remain proactive, continually monitoring market changes to ensure that their customers get the best value.

When it comes to fees, ensure that your consultant has a clear pricing structure. Some consultants will take undisclosed fees from customers, so transparency here is key. Ideally, you should get your consultant to provide a warranty that fees are fully disclosed.

  1. Large range of solutions to suit your organisation

A good consultant should offer a wide range of different services. This indicates a broad understanding of the market, and an ability and willingness to meet all their customers’ needs. From invoice validation and void management, to sustainability and energy reduction strategies, you want to be confident that when it comes to utilities, your consultant has the scale and experience to handle it all for you.


PfH works in partnership with Energy & Carbon Management (E&CM) to help social housing providers decipher the complexities of the UK energy market. We offer a range of compliant procurement options, to ease the burden of energy management. For more information, get in touch:

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