Streamlined social housing procurement

By Adrian Sewell, Business Manager, Local Authorities and Social Housing at Banner

Streamlining social housing procurement has become an urgent priority, says one leading academic.

With the social housing sector one of the most vulnerable to currency volatility, and to an uncertain investment and operating climate, supply chains must be optimised to reduce the risks of Brexit next March. This is according to Jonathan Linton, director of the Logistics and Supply Chain Management Research Centre at the University of Sheffield.

Speaking in Supply Management, Linton said the devaluation of the pound and decisions to tighten credit quickly impacted the social housing supply chain both directly and indirectly immediately after the EU referendum. He believes that the impact of Brexit in March 2019 cannot be underestimated.

He points out that this sector cannot pass on additional costs to the end user, where the occupants of social housing are particularly vulnerable. However, he believes that social housing construction and operation performance can be improved with ‘more information sharing, coordination, task modification and a shifting of responsibilities within the supply chain’. This includes existing supply chains being optimised to reduce risk and to gain an increased understanding of their current practice.

Adrian Sewell, Business Manager, Local Authorities and Social Housing at Banner, says that Banner can help the social housing sector with this challenge.

Adrian said: “One aspect of supply chain consolidation can be safely and effectively achieved by procuring with Banner through a compliant framework. We’re pleased to offer social housing providers a compliant route of supply through LOT 2 on the Procurement for Housing Framework, where Banner is sole supplier of products and services for the workplace, including office supplies, furniture, catering, facilities supplies, print, IT consumables and hardware.

“We have worked extensively in social housing for years, and fully understand the challenges in the sector. By procuring through the Lot 2 PfH framework, housing providers will be able to partner with us across all their workplace supplies, and immediately benefit from our help in identifying opportunities to control costs and make savings.

Working with one partner means a reduction in the number of transactions, less time in managing suppliers and reduced time for managing internal systems. This frees up your procurement team to deal with the range of strategic, long term issues.

We guarantee savings of between 15-30% over our customers’ current suppliers, and we offer fixed pricing for the duration of the contract and stronger forecasting of spend.

Finding a supply partner that has a working knowledge of social housing issues, ideally built on their experience in the sector, matters. Suppliers should be able to relate to your operating model and working practices. This includes truly understanding sustainability, social value and social mobility.

Social housing challenges are not going away anytime soon. It’s vital suppliers work supportively with the sector to help steer an effective way through your procurement processes, and they should be a watertight partner, whatever the future brings.

With Banner you can make an average of 15-20% of savings on your workplace supplies.

We have proven experience delivering comprehensive solutions to the public sector, including social housing providers. We are a key strategic supplier to Central Government, including 10 Downing Street, MOJ (including HM Prisons) and MOD, and the wider public sector, including NHS and health trusts, local authorities, emergency services, as well as social housing providers.

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