Who is responsible for recruitment in the social housing sector?

According to the Office for National statistics the total UK public sector employment in September 2017 was 5.492 million, up 19,000 on the previous quarter and up 21,000 on the previous year.

But who is responsible for the recruitment of these roles? Procurement? HR? The senior management team… Or maybe a combination of them all?

Public sector organisations often provide their employees with a host of benefits, including:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Benefit packages
  • Job security

But what often outweighs the above, particularly within the social housing sector, is job satisfaction. This is especially true for the Social Housing field, which provides adequate and affordable living conditions for thousands of underprivileged individuals and families.

More and more social housing organisations are tasked with becoming more commercialised and recruitment can help them gain a skilled and dynamic competitive advantage. Both Procurement & and HR have different skill sets and can contribute towards the recruitment process in significant yet dissimilar ways. As dissimilar as these skillsets may be, it’s crucial that both departments recruitment strategies are aligned and agreed upon.

It’s important that as a sector we recognise our employees wants, needs and expectations. Once this has been explored, we need to move further away from traditional workforce structures and explore the key drivers behind what a strategic workforce looks like and reviewing:

  • Supplier management (KPI’s etc.)
  • Department accountability and ownership
  • Alternative delivery methods
  • Policy and guidelines
  • Onboarding process

PfH have a dedicated recruitment framework which can support the sector from a range of perspectives, including:

  • Managed service
  • Master vends
  • Neutral vend
  • PSL (preferred supplier lists)
  • Direct awards & mini competitions

For more information on the Recruitment framework and how to seek advice on any recruitment related topics, click here or contact our myself on:

Phone: 01925 286 367

Email: FHibbert@pfh.co.uk