GDPR Contract Variations

Dear Member,

This message is sent to you on behalf of Procurement for Housing (“PfH”) and Inprova Ltd (“the Procurement Agent”), its “Contractors”/“Suppliers”, and/or its subsidiaries with which you have an existing agreement for the supply of goods and/or services.

As you are aware, new data protection legislation is due to come into force on Friday 25th May 2018, which aims to protect the privacy of all EU citizens and prevent data breaches. The legislation applies to your organisation and ours and to the supply of goods and/or services your organisation receives from Contractors/Suppliers of PfH.

Established key principles of data privacy will remain relevant in the new data protection legislation but there are also a number of changes that will affect contractual arrangements, both new and existing, with suppliers. We have updated our procurement documentation to reflect the new regulations for contracts to be awarded on or after 25th May 2018, and we have made the necessary amendments to our existing Framework Agreement terms which will continue to be in place after 25th May 2018 to bring them into line with the new regulations.

GDPR places new responsibilities onto Contractors/Suppliers who are data processors, but it requires you as the Customer/Client to include the required GDPR clauses into your contracts and impose these responsibilities.

As such, we have drafted a Call-Off Contract variation template exclusively for our Members reflecting the new regulations which is available to your organisation upon request, for you to use with PfH Contractors/Suppliers with which you have an existing agreement for the supply of goods and/or services under the remit of a PfH framework agreement. On receipt of your request, we will facilitate contract signatures between your organisation and the Contractor/Supplier accordingly.

Notes for completion of the Call-Off Contract variation template: The definitions and clauses contained within our Call-Off Contract variation template have been drafted based on the standard Call-Off Conditions and Call-Off Contract terms of our Framework Agreement, they are not specific to GDPR. The Call-Off Contract variation template may be adapted to fit your existing contract definitions and templates but you are advised to seek legal advice when doing this.

If you would like to request the Call-Off Contract variation template, please contact

Kayleigh Kennedy
Procurement Quality Manager
For and on behalf of PfH and Inprova Ltd