All-day, every day, it feels like an unprecedented number of sources are giving us information about how to act in these uncertain times.

If there’s one more phrase that I hear on a daily basis is that we’re all in this together, or everyone’s in the same boat.

And whilst at first, that did feel comforting to hear and it provides a sense of togetherness. I’ve come to realize it feels like that because even in these uncertain times I feel safe, and maybe we aren’t in fact, all in the same boat.

When I think that for some, home doesn’t mean safety. Or that it’s estimated that £3.5 million people over 65 live alone and are now totally isolated. And maybe people have family members sick in the hospital that they can’t visit.

We can’t offer a magic wand, no-one can. But if there’s one thing us recruiters are good at, it’s talking.

And we don’t plan on. stopping now.

How is Covid 19 changing your life? Are there residents in social housing communities that could do with a chat over a virtual cup of tea? Maybe you want a natural, unbiased person to just talk to.

That’s where we can help. Today. Tomorrow. Whenever.

  • Head to our website and talk to us on the live webchat
  • Give our office a call on 0121 773 0966 and one of the team members
  • We can hold video calls via Nvue our video software
  • Reply to this email with your contact details and I’ll send your details to a member of the team.

Niyaa People are an independent specialist recruitment consultancy founded in 2008.

Fast forward 11 years and we now have a team of over 40 people spanning 5 core divisions, specialising in both contract and permanent recruitment services. Based in Birmingham city centre we have a shared vision and ambition to become the leading recruitment partner for the Built Environment for both the Public and Private Sectors.

Niyaa People’s primary goal is to facilitate the needs of our customers, continue to build and maintain relationships and truly listen to what our customers really want.

In the last three years, we have placed 420 candidates into permanent roles and 850 contracts filled within the public sector. This carries a 92% success rate of applicants completing their contracts and/or being employed for at least one year in their permanent employment.

For more information please visit our website: or call us on 0121 773 0966.

Our Public Sector divisions include:

  • Property Surveying & Asset Management
  • Development
  • Housing Management
  • Supported Housing
  • Corporate Support & Administration
  • Trades and Labour
  • Senior Appointments