Safe Hub, developed by Lone Worker Solutions, is an award-winning safety system for people working alone or in high risk environments.  We connect lone workers to a BS8484 Gold Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) with 24/7/365 response. Users can talk directly to the ARC, and accurate GPS means we can direct emergency service to their exact location in the fastest possible time, bypassing 999 call centres.

Widest range of Devices | access the system on specialist discreet devices, smartphones, standard mobiles, satellite devices and intrinsically safe devices.

Features | GPS locate, SOS, buddy, proactive, worker down, risk messaging and virtual barrier functions.

Management | provides a secure portal to access an accurate cross-device snapshot of system activity with real-time reporting.

Safe Hub provides the highest degree of flexibility around the number of lone workers supported, and the protection that each requires.

Staying safe at home

It’s the over-riding current health and safety issue: how to delay the spread of coronavirus and limit the effects of Covid-19. Working from home, where possible, presents an opportunity to stay safe and help to prevent the spread of infection, so others remain safe too. But how do you ensure your newly at-home-workers are safe in a crisis?

While this activity is typically low risk, any person working without supervision or out of eyesight or earshot of colleagues is deemed to be ‘lone working’. Which means appropriate measures should be taken to ensure safety, wellbeing and compliance with legislation as you would with any other lone worker, as working from home becomes the new normal for many.

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