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For social landlords who need to improve spend performance and efficiency, our total procurement solution delivers cashable and non-cashable savings through category expertise, supply chain management and end to end contract support.

Here at PfH, we offer an end to end support solution for all of your procurement needs. Encompassing a diverse range of frameworks, consultancy, technology and energy services we provide a bespoke level of service for each of our Members based on their individual needs and expectations.

Procurement v asset management: The road to reconciliation

Steve Malone, MD at PfH discusses how procurement and asset management can and must become a complementary pairing if housing organisations are going to deliver on their business plans.  
7th February 2018/by Lucinda Wood

Four key factors to consider in an asset management review

Mike Williams has spent his career working in asset management for different housing associations, local authorities and contractors. He’s now using this insight in his role as PfH’s relationship manager (asset management). Here he explains how to structure an asset management review – a process that’s key to improving value for money.
5th February 2018/by Lucinda Wood

Electric Vehicles: to switch or not to switch?

The government has launched a range of incentives to encourage people to buy electric vehicles but how do you know when it’s the right time to make the switch?
16th January 2018/by Amy Dean

Asset management and fire risk

The Grenfell Tower tragedy has brought fire safety to the fore in the social housing sector. In this blog, leading experts at suppliers on the Technical Support Services framework give their advice on how best to approach fire risk assessments
16th January 2018/by Lucinda Wood

A smarter approach to buying kitchens and bathrooms

The way in which landlords approach the purchasing and installation of kitchens and bathrooms will have a major effect on the effectiveness of their asset management strategy.
16th January 2018/by Lucinda Wood

Flexibility for Hire

Vehicle leasing companies are offering innovative solutions to housing associations keen to include electric vehicles in their fleets, says Lewis Cardwell at PfH
2nd January 2018/by Amy Dean

Missing EU: Life after OJEU

Housing associations that celebrate the great escape from OJEU by cutting corners on due diligence and value for money may find that freedom comes at a price, warns Richard Brooks
22nd June 2017/by rblundell