From left to right: Jordan Youngs, Darren Marl, Nadeen Roe & Kayleigh Kennedy during their recent trip up Snowdon

Following the hugely successful ‘mission’ last year, which saw a number of our team spend time working with the Footprints Foundation in South Africa, we are delighted to announce that we are offering the same opportunity this year.

The Footprints Foundation supports a wide number of existing Projects and Charities in and around Johannesburg – working with both young and older people, helping them to improve all aspects of their lives today and to build a better future. Our time in South Africa offers us the opportunity to work alongside the existing staff in these Projects, doing whatever is needed on that day, for the people they support!

In short, it’s about getting your sleeves rolled up and getting stuck in!

The staff involved in the years trip are already busy raising money to fund their trip to South Africa, this has already included treks up Snowdon, bake sales and hamper giveaways.

If you would like to support this cause and help the Inprova staff make a difference, please click here to visit our JustGiving page.