How to maximise your home working

By Ed Povall, Corporate Account Manager at Daisy Communications

Home working has become the norm across Britain. And while Housing Officers may be used to working on the move, all of us are now working in new environments much closer to home. But did you know only three in ten workers believe their organisation currently performs very well in terms of connectivity? And actually over half of business leaders said their workers were more productive working remotely, with more than two-thirds claiming it would be ‘the future’ for their business.**

But what’s the best way to maximise the opportunities homeworking brings for your organisation? The simple answer is Tech! Here are our top three tools to do so.


The number one tool for the home office? Staying connected. The best software suites on the market are pointless without a strong and steady connection to work on. Your home network may not be up to the task of multiple people working from your property, plus any entertainment services being used at the same time. Luckily, there are plenty of smart solutions for home connectivity, from hardwired business Broadband connections sent straight to your home address to flexible MiFi solutions that use cellular data and circumvent overloaded home networks.

The Digital Workplace

Suites like Microsoft 365 have become our digital office space. Services like Microsoft Teams couple our email services with chats over the watercooler. Keeping us more connected than ever, on both a professional and personal front, offering a lifeline to workers stuck at home during lockdown.

Cloud storage solutions like SharePoint and OneDrive make it easier than ever to access our files, wherever we are working and whatever device we are working on. While the rest of the office suite allows for collaboration like never before. Digital workplaces don’t just make working easier and more efficient, they connect us to our colleagues while we’re all stuck indoors.


Digital workplaces like Microsoft 365 may cover your internal connectivity. But accessible customer facing communications are more essential than ever, especially with vulnerable residents shielding at home. Many residents are unfamiliar with the digital communication solutions that we work with on a day to day basis, but there are plenty of ways to keep connected over the phone too. A simple and effective solution is a well-managed mobile estate. The smarter solution? VoIP solutions are a way to make your analogue communications digital, translating your voice calls into data sent over the web. Keeping you and your colleagues connected from home without using your personal landline.

Daisy Communications’ digital communications portfolio ranges from mobile phones on the UK’s biggest networks, to Hosted voice solutions and hardware provisioning. You can find out more on our Procurement for Housing supplier page here.

*ICM Unlimited completed a survey of 2019 working adults, aged 16+, covering all UK nations and regions, between 20th–27th March 2020

**Harvard Business Review: How organisations are responding to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020