Driving recruitment success through strategic procurement

By Francesca Hibbert, Category Buyer at PfH

I believe that there are many similarities between HR and procurement. Whilst HR manage and procure people within an organisation, procurement deal with the multifaceted layers of people involved in the supply chain, amongst these layers should be a procured compliant route to market to enable successful recruitment to take place within an organisation.

Are your departmental strategies aligned?

How your organisation purchases products and services can provide great insight into the culture of your organisation. A popular perception is how procurement individuals focus on process and lowest price. However, modern-day procurement teams’ activity has shifted from process lead and transactional tasks, towards a function with significant value contribution which manages risk and engages with the market in greater depth to achieve both cashable and non-cashable savings. Housing providers and procurement teams are now able to purchase in a much more sophisticated, quicker and knowledgeable way due to the development of software; enabling us to easily identify market trends and forecast more accurately, whilst also allowing teams to reinvest their time in more strategic areas of procurement and supply chain management.

It’s hugely important that HR teams understand their organisations’ procurement strategy and contribute towards it on a tactical level. This way organisations can ensure that they get the right candidate first time, guaranteeing ease and value for money through a successful procurement process.
Consistency is key

What is your organisation’s process?

Does it differ from team to team? When it comes to recruitment, is expertise and experience valued over salary, price and cost?
It’s common for departments to use different recruiters within an organisation, which is fine, but this can sometimes hinder visibility of spend as departments can work autonomously and in isolation to other departments. In most organisations it is HR’s responsibility to maintain visibility and reinforce the significance of consistency in recruitment whilst ensuring a streamlined process. A successful way of managing process is to consolidate your organisation’s use of suppliers to identify one preferred supplier for all departments, this can be time consuming upfront, but beneficial in the long run.

PfH frameworks can support this by offering transparency and compliance whilst enabling organisations to manage spend in a more efficient and coherent way. The Recruitment framework specifically allows Members to have access to the top recruitment agencies in the country who have completed an OJEU compliant process to become awarded as a nominated supplier on our framework.

Talent Pools

Do you know how much you are spending on temporary staff? Our suppliers can access current data and make recommendations based on your current spending activity in comparison to other organisations within the sector. Our new Recruitment framework has also introduced a Talent Pool lot which allows our Members to have access to a technology solution to manage their own talent pool of pre-qualified workers. The technology is particularly powerful where short term staff are required quickly and enables a hiring manager to access the talent bank to fill short term gaps in staffing.

Next Steps

Do you need to shift processes? Have you thought of utilising a talent pool? For more information on how to procure recruitment and PfH’s newly launched Recruitment framework, click here.