Digital access to vacant properties

The way clients manage access to vacant properties is moving away from traditional key-holding and mechanical lock boxes and embracing digital technology.

Protecting assets

Housing clients want the confidence that not only are assets protected but costs are kept to a minimum, particularly at vacant properties, where there is potential for vandalism, intruders and squatters.

Technological evolution in security means systems are now easier to access and more cost effective to run. Efficiency has become a security watchword.

The first Bluetooth-enabled key safe system – SentriKey® – provides flexible, secure access through a mobile device. It is attached to spaces outside properties and can be accessed through an app.

The lockbox is made of aircraft-graded steel, offering the most secure key safe on the market. The system allows entry for authorised users by providing one-time codes on-site, permitting visitors to take control of access to a property and provides a full access history of visitors.

Benefits of digital security

Having a transparent access history, understanding who has been in a property and for how long is crucial for owners to protect a building. Sentrikey® offers a fully audited trail and day codes for each visitor, which means waiting times are limited, as on the spot access is guaranteed.

This means property businesses will benefit from running more smoothly as clients will know if contractors arrive on-time and when they leave, as the system offers live notifications of when a contractor finishes on site.

This will save clients’ time as there is no need to travel to site to check up on contractors and if anyone forgets their code, they can be granted on the spot access remotely.

Advances in new online platforms mean managers have access via mobile phones, to real‐time video and audio footage of properties – especially useful if clients have a number of homes in their remit. This includes a fully audited trail of alarm activations and actions taken, which helps customers achieve more results and ultimately be more profitable.

Tips to protect your void property or site

Consider these tips when protecting any vacant homes:

  • Update your insurer with any changes to the status of a property, even if this is only partially vacant
  • Check the details of your insurance policy carefully and note any amendments to the cover
  • Arrange regular inspections so any changes to the property’s condition can be noted promptly
  • Let your residential neighbours know the site/property is void and ask them to be vigilant
  • Turn off all water, electricity, gas and waste services
  • Make sure the windows and letterboxes are secured on any properties
  • Use blinds and/or security screens to stop thieves looking inside
  • Maintain the appearance of the property and keep gardens and grounds clear of waste, graffiti and building rubble