2019: The year of the electric fleet

Businesses have never been under more pressure to run cleaner, more cost-effective vehicles. Councils across the UK are unveiling ‘Clean Air Zone’ plans for the coming years, and London is already consulting on areas where petrol or diesel vehicles could soon be restricted.

But, with rapid advances in technology and products, switching to electrification has never been easier. Here are five reasons to take a new look at electric vehicles:

They’re Cost-Effective:

Electric vehicles can deliver significant running cost savings compared to petrol or diesel counterparts. ‘Fuel’ costs for driving electric are around 2p per mile* and, with fewer moving parts under the bonnet than a combustion engine, they’re cheaper and quicker to service, too.

They’re Easy to Deploy:

The latest battery technology is delivering ranges long enough to cater for an ever-wider cross section of fleets’ daily mileage, even while fully loaded. Charged overnight, or while loading, there’s no need to compromise on uptime and business can take advantage of the Government’s Workplace Charging Scheme. This offers 75% (up to a maximum of £500) of the purchase and installation costs to put charging infrastructure in place

They’re Good for Drivers:

Electric vehicles are no more complicated to drive than their petrol or diesel counterparts, offering the comfort of being automatic to make urban traffic easier. Instant pulling power means there’s no performance sacrifice, and drivers will love the refinement and lack of vibration when they’re behind the wheel, too.

They’re Perfect for Cities:

With limited engine noise and no tailpipe emissions at the point of use, electric vehicles help your business minimise its impact on the local environment. Deploying them in your fleet shows you care about local residents, while also future-proofing your operation against ‘Clean Air Zones’ and restricted operating hours

They’re Great for Fleets:

No two fleets’ requirements are alike, but there’s now a wide selection of electric vehicles, suited to an incredibly diverse range of roles. Renault’s line-up spans from the inner-city manoeuvrability of Twizy Cargo to New Master Z.E., which provides up to a 19m3 load area and a 1,128kg payload, all utilising the latest Renault battery technology to maximise range.

This article was created by PfH nominated supplier, Renault Pro+.

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