Compliance and Mobile Security

The Workplace is going mobile.
The traditional office space is transforming. 40% of the UK’s workforce are using mobile phones for business, making it the most used work device after the desktop computer. By combining essential organisational and communications functions with an ever widening array of business based apps and workspaces, the smart phone is now an essential tool in the business arsenal that organisations cannot overlook.

If you handle data, security is compliance.
The GDPR states that any processing of personal data must be secure. That means any time you store, access, process or send personal data, it is your organisation’s responsibility to keep it secure. Failing to sufficiently do so can result in a fine of up to €20 million, or up to 4% of your organisation’s annual turnover.

Mobility vs Vulnerability.
The advantages of a mobile workforce are tenfold, while mobile devices are essential for employees and organisations that carry out work in the field. But for all the ease and accessibility our handsets provide, when mismanaged they can seriously undermine your organisational security. In fact one-third of enterprises in IDC’s mobility survey said their company experienced leaked or exposed data as a result of mobile app usage incident, and 40% saw incidents of unauthorized access via mobile.

The Threats
The major threats to your mobile fleet can be loosely categorised into three areas:

User Threats
54% of all tracked cyber security incidents are actually caused by careless workers themselves. From delaying essential updates to something as basic as losing your handset, people make mistakes, but cyber security mistakes can cost your company thousands.

Device Threats
Like their users, mobile devices themselves are far from perfect, and hackers do their best to exploit every flaw they can. From Malware and fake apps to the emerging threat of cryptohacking, there are a plethora of device based vulnerabilities that you need to be aware of.

Network Threats
When data usage is tight, public Wi-Fi networks can be a life saver. But all it takes is one wrong decision when choosing a Wi-Fi network and all of your security measures can come to nothing as a man in the middle attack intercepts all of your data on the way to its intended recipient.

The Solution(s)

There are hundreds of possible threats to your mobile security, but thankfully, there are a solutions that can cover nearly all of your bases.

The right device for your organisation
It starts from the ground up, by choosing the right handset for your fleet. Ensuring your device comes with essential and efficient physical security measures is a must. Face Recognition is great if you’re happy to spend the money, but a device with fingerprint recognition provides the same security and easy accessibility without the price tag. But for more persistent thieves, it is important to ensure your device has extra layers of security in place to protect your investment.

Devices like the Sony Xperia range come with extra layers of security. Xperia Theft Protection is added to the bootloader of the mobile device. The bootloader is needed to start the operating system of your device. So if an attacker deletes the operating system of your handset, MXTP will stay active and your device will stay protected.

Complete control of your fleet, with an MDM
A Mobile Device Management (MDM) system gives you granular control over your fleet. More comprehensive systems can completely transform your mobile fleet, patching up the gaps that these threats exploit. They essentially work by giving you granular control of your mobile’s policies and systems, essentially letting you remotely set the parameters of how your devices are used. From blocking apps, to forcing through updates and more. Many MDMs also come with the added bonuses like significant reductions in fleet set up time and hard limits to data usages.

One of the most comprehensive MDMs on the market is MaaS360 from IBM. From GDPR and leak prevention, to location tracking and malware detection. MaaS360 gives you control over almost every aspect of your mobile fleet. Using granular policies, proactive device control options and built in security, it provides an exhaustive solution for mobile threats.

Ed Povall,
Housing Account Manager – Field Based
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