Notice is hereby given that the Annual General Meeting (Meeting) of Procurement for Housing Limited (Company) will be held at The Priory Meetings and Conference centre, 40 Ball Street, Birmingham B4 6AF on the 28 February 2018 at 2:00pm – 3:00pm to transact the following business:Re-

1. Appointment and appointment of Directors

 To re-appoint the following director who retires by rotation:

Mr. M. Owen

To re-appoint the following director who retires by rotation:

Mr. B. Cronin

To appoint the following director:

Mrs. R Rance

2. Accounts

To receive and adopt the Company’s annual accounts for the period to 30 June 2017 together with the directors’ report and accountants’ report (accounts are available on the PfH website).

3. Accountants

To appoint Dafferns LLP as the Company’s accountants from the conclusion of the meeting to the end of the next period at a remuneration to be determined by the directors.

By order of the Board

Michael Owen


Procurement for Housing Limited

One Eastwood

Harry Weston Road

Binley Business Park




Appointment of proxies

  1. As a member of the Company, you are entitled to appoint a proxy to exercise all or any of your rights to attend, speak and vote at the Meeting and you should have received a proxy form with this notice of meeting. You can only appoint a proxy using the procedures set out in these notes and the notes to the proxy form.
  2. A proxy does not need to be a member of the Company but must attend the Meeting to represent you. Details of how to appoint the Chairman of the Meeting or another person as your proxy using the proxy form are set out in the notes to the proxy form. If you wish your proxy to speak on your behalf at the Meeting you will need to appoint your own choice of proxy (not the Chairman) and give your instructions directly to them.
  1. If you do not give your proxy an indication of how to vote on any resolution, your proxy will vote or abstain from voting at his or her discretion. Your proxy will vote (or abstain from voting) as he or she thinks fit in relation to any other matter which is put before the Meeting.

Appointment of proxy using hard copy proxy form

  1. The notes to the proxy form explain how to direct your proxy how to vote on each resolution or withhold their vote.

To appoint a proxy using the proxy form, the form must be:

  • completed and signed;
  • sent or delivered to the Company at its registered office; and
  • received by the Company no later than 16.00 on the 21 February 2018.

In the case of a member which is a company, the proxy form must be executed under its common seal or signed on its behalf by an officer of the company or an attorney for the company.

Any power of attorney or any other authority under which the proxy form is signed (or a duly certified copy of such power or authority) must be included with the proxy form.

Appointment of a proxy does not preclude you from attending the Meeting and voting in person. If you have appointed a proxy and attend the Meeting in person, your proxy appointment will automatically be terminated.


  1. Except as provided above, members who have general queries about the Meeting should contact Steve Malone by email (no other methods of communication will be accepted).

You can find out more by clicking here. On this page you will be able to download a copy of the proxy form and the company accounts.

If you are planning to attend the Meeting please confirm your attendance by emailing, so we may cater for numbers.